Public Law

Seek to understand American penal code

As one of Alfred University's many interdisciplinary programs, the public law minor seeks to provide an understanding of the role of law in American society. Students examine major court decisions, the structure of the nation's legal systems, and theoretical assumptions about law.


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Public Law

Pre-Law Advising

For students interested in a career in law, Alfred University offers a comprehensive program preparing students for law school admission.

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Requirements for the minor in Public Law

  • POLS 110 American Politics
  • POLS 232 Judicial Processes
  • POLS 316 American Constitutional Law and Politics*
  • POLS 417 American Civil Liberties* one course from the following:

  • POLS 242 Approaches to Law
  • POLS 313 State and Local Politics
  • SOCI 245 Crime and Society*

Student Stories

Rosenyi Borquez headshot

APEX in the Nation's Capital (Political Science, Psychology, Public Law)

"My experience at this APEX internship made me surer of myself and more determined to pursue my goals."

Rosenyi Borquez, 2019
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