At institutions of higher education, students can work on or off campus to earn money for educational expenses while they are enrolled. At Alfred University, part-time employment opportunities are available based on financial need or without regard to need. Many of our students participate in College Work-Study, the need-based employment program, while others secure employment which is not based on financial need (non-work-study employment).


Federal Government / Alfred University

Awarded by

Alfred University


Students with financial need. Must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


Financial need determines the amount students may earn. The CWS employee works during the academic year at the minimum wage rate. Students receive a biweekly paycheck of earnings.

How Determined

Administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid, based on financial need as determined by the Federal Need Analysis Methodology.

How to Apply

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


All students are eligible to apply for any non-Work-Study positions available.


Wage rates, number of hours available, application and hiring procedures, are at the discretion of the individual employer.

How to Apply

The Office of Student Financial Aid provides a listing on the University's internal website of the many available non-Work-Study positions.