Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you offer full scholarships for international students?
    We currently offer scholarships which cover 50-75% of tuition, but these scholarships do not cover full-tuition nor do they cover housing meals or fees.
  2. How much are your full tuition and fees for international students?
    Our full yearly tuition for 2021-2022 semester is currently $35,076 for each of our majors, our full yearly housing and meals is $12,924 and our total fees including books medical insurance and supplies is $6,600 for a total of $54,600 per year.
  3. Is paying for meals and housing required?
    Yes, all new students are required to live on campus for 6 consecutive semesters (aka first 3 years). There are exceptions to this rule for students who have a medical need that needs to be monitored by a doctor, students who are married and have their spouse and/or children living with them in the US, and some other few exceptions. Living with relatives is NOT one of these exceptions and therefore please prepare to move onto campus and remain on campus for your first 3 years.
  4. Do you offer financial aid for international students?
    International students do not qualify for federal financial aid, this program is only available to US Citizens and some immigrant populations. Immigrants include asylees, refugees, DACA, and some resident aliens.
  5. Are there other scholarships or loans I can qualify for?
    Bank loans are secured through banks in a students’ origin/home country international students do not qualify for loans from US banks and Alfred University currently does not offer loans. AU does have access to a universal scholarship portal which shows scholarship options that are external to AU. However, in order for an applicant to access this portal, they need to:
    • complete an application at least 6 months in advance to the semester for which they are planning to enter
    • complete the $300 enrollment deposit
  6. Do you require SAT or ACT tests?
    Currently these tests have been waived due to the pandemic, we do still, however, require English proficiency scores acceptable tests include IELTS, TOEFL, and DuoLingo.
  7. I am having trouble uploading a document into my application. What do I do?
    A secure dropbox has been made available to students. Please save/name the file before you submit it with your name (as it appears on your application), the type of submission (recommendation, transcript, text score, etc.) and the date you are submitting the file (mm-dd-yyyy). Please allow 3-5 business days for the file to be uploaded into your application portal. If you do not see the file uploaded within that time frame, be sure to email Lindsey Gertin with the date you submitted the file and the submission type. Do not attach the file via email.
  8. I was previously accepted to AU or have previously started an application but cannot access my portal. What do I do?
    If you have previously been accepted but did not complete the student deposit payment by the deadline your application scholarship and acceptance was automatically withdrawn and you will need to re-apply for the semester you hope to join AU. If you have previously started an application but did not complete your file, your application was not able to be reviewed and you will also need to re-apply for the semester you hope to attend AU.
  9. Can I get a job on campus to help pay for my tuition and fees? If so, how do I apply?
    Yes, as an international student you can get a part-time job on campus starting in your first year. To apply you will need to successfully arrive on campus in-person and therefore all admissions and immigration processes must be complete and you must be registered for a full course load in your degree program. Before beginning the job you will be required to apply for social security and will therefore need to work with the campus DSO or PDSO as well as HR to complete the process.
  10. Can I make monthly payments?
    Yes, you can make smaller monthly payments, however, in order to get a visa to study in the US you will need to show that you or your sponsor have the full tuition and fees prior to being issued an I20. Even though this can be distributed monthly the full amount needs to be available in advance. To find out more about our monthly payments see Paying Your Bill.