Alumni Awards

We know there are countless Alfred University alumni who, since leaving Alfred, have achieved extraordinary things in their lives and careers. Take a moment to recognize an outstanding AU alum!


Each year during Reunion Weekend in June and Homecoming in September, the Alfred University Alumni Association recognizes honored alumni and others who have contributed much to AU, their workplace and society in general. There are five awards given recognizing distinguished achievement, distinguished service, service to women and lifetime service to AU, and a new award to honor the unique achievements of a young graduate of the last decade.

The process by which nominees are chosen for awards is the responsibility of the AU Alumni Council’s Awards Committee, working with the Office of Alumni Relations. It is our mission to identify individuals whose exemplary actions, careers, and support significantly enhances the vitality of Alfred University’s prestigious reputation.

The process of collecting and vetting the nominations is an intensive and very important process. As an Alfred University alumnus/a, you are a valuable resource for this process. We hope that as a result of your contacts, you might have information regarding at least one or two alumni who might be deserving of special recognition. Please nominate them for consideration by completing the nomination form.

We welcome your nominations at any time throughout the year. Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations with any questions.

Current Alfred University employees, Alumni Council members and Trustees are not eligible to receive awards. No person shall receive the award more than once.

The Alfred University Alumni Award for Distinguished Achievement. This award is given to honor alumni whose achievements in their profession, career, avocational pursuits, or service to society bring honor and distinction to the University. Alumni of any graduation year are eligible and three awards can be made annually.

The Alfred University Alumni Award for Distinguished Service. This award is given to alumni in recognition of loyalty and commitment in service to the University. This award is not limited to alumni though alumni of any graduation year are eligible. Two awards can be made annually.

The Alfred University Rising Alumni Award. This award is given to alumni in recognition of demonstrated outstanding professional achievement, commitment to their community, or service to Alfred University. To be eligible for this award, the recipient must have graduated in the last decade.

Abigail Allen Award for Service to Women. This award is given to honor an Alfred alumnus/a in recognition of distinctive career achievement, community service, or avocational pursuits that have improved the quality of women’s lives. Alumni of any graduation year are eligible.

Lillian T. Nevins Award for Lifetime Service to Alfred University. This award is given to honor alumni who have rendered outstanding service to Alfred University. It is reserved for those who, throughout a period of many years, have worked with interest, intelligence and success to promote the highest interests of Alfred University and alumni. This award is made with seriousness, honor and esteem and expresses great recognition and gratitude on behalf of Alfred University and the Alumni Association.

Abigail Allen Award
Year Name Class
1999 Allen, Megan 1998
2000 Riley, Patricia 1965
2001 Strother, Pamela 1991
2002 not awarded 2002
2003 not awarded 2003
2004 Moskowitz, Karla Turkheimer 1963
2005 Lewin, Martha Z. 1965
2006 Wall-Bollinger, Sara 1976
2007 Hall, Elizabeth Sider 1970
2008 Pullar, Teri Knopf 1988
2009 Christakis, Christa Nyman 2001
2010 Prichett, Sara 1962
2011 Walton, Sherry 1980
2012 Basile, Kathleen 1991
Alumni Award for Distinguished Achievement
Year Name Class
2005 Hulbert, Samuel F. 1958
2005 Paster, Howard G. 1966
2006 Weinstein, Marvin 1940
2006 Jurado, Madeline Dalton 1983
2007 Dillon, Mark 1987
2008 Lunney, J. Robert 1950
2008 Wozniak, Peggy 1972
2009 L. David Pye 1959
2009 Timothy DeJong 1982
2009 Martin I. Resnick 1964
2010 Ackerman, Jerome 1952
2010 MacDonell, Herbert L. 1950
2011 Pellicciotti, Michael 2000
2011 Hawkins, Robert 1950
2012 not awarded
Alumni Award for Distinguished Service
Year Name Class
2005 Tabor, Jon K. 1955
2006 Morawski, Tolga 1997
2007 Lasky, James 1974
2008 Borden, Enid 1972
2009 not awarded
2010 not awarded
2011 Judson, Elizabeth Robinson 1982
2012 Miller, Steve 1973
2013 not awarded
Lillian T. Nevins Distinguished Alumni Recognition Award
Year Name Class
1962 Cannon, William Cornelius 1894
1963 (not given)
1964 Kruson, Joseph H. 1917
1965 McMahon, John Francis 1923
1966 Crawford, Finla Goff 1915
1967 Drake, Miles Ellis 1925
1968 Crandall, Benjamin Ray 1899
1968 Kenyon, M. Elwood 1917
1969 Lebohner, Edward Keenan 1927
1970 Collin, Jean Baxter 1920
1971 Owens, Robert Kellem 1952
1972 Ayars, Erling Eli 1917
1973 Cole, Sandford Stoddard 1923
1974 Gray, Margaret Neuwiesinger 1921
1975 Lawrence, Willis Grant 1939
1976 Russell, Ruth Whitford 1925
1977 Nevins, Lillian Texiere 1937
1978 Openhym, Evelyn Tennyson 1924
1979 Burger, Rose Mary Baker 1952
1980 Vezzoli, Dante 1933
1981 Fuller, Doris Wilber 1921
1981 Huggler, Ruth Stillman 1921
1982 (not given)
1983 Vezzoli, Dante 1933
1984 Carl, John E. 1951
1985 (not given)
1986 Stearns, Catherine Neuwiesinger 1924
1986 Stearns, Donald 1927
1987 Double, Robert C. Sr. 1953
1988 Spangenberg, William C. 1951
1989 (not given)
1990 Miller, Marlin Jr. 1954
1991 (not given)
1992 Buttress, Peter 1962
1993 Powell, Art 1943
1994 (not given)
1995 Sinclair, Robert 1943
1996 Peterson, Carl 1953
1997 Hess, Inge 1954
1998 (not given)
1999 Fasano, Joe 1954
2000 Littell, Alan 1953
2001 (not given)
2002 Herrick, Phyllis Ballman 1952
2003 Double, Nancy Lobaugh 1953
2004 Levine, Dionne E. Michaels 1954
2005 Scholes, Samuel R. Jr. 1937
2006 Daggett, Catherine Bromeley 1958
2007 Galanis, Terry Sr. 1940
2008 Widdicombe, Richard P. 1963
2009 (not given)
2010 Boulton, Don 1952
2011 Stull, John L. 1952
2012 not awarded
2013 not awarded