Destinations Report: 2012

During the past twelve months, the Career Development Center surveyed the graduating class of 2012 using a series of mail, web, and phone surveys. We also collected data from employers, parents, faculty, and other sources. The Career Development Center uses the Registrar’s information for this process, so this report includes graduates of August 2011, December 2011, and May 2012. A response rate of 72 percent was realized from the survey. This report was prepared in August 2013.

In every possible instance, comparative data for the last five years is given. Some duplication of numbers will exist, primarily within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students who graduated with dual majors have been counted in both majors for the individual major reports, but have been counted only once for the purposes of overall College and University statistics.

Also, there are a few cases in which respondents indicated both enrollment in graduate school and employment as their primary status. In those cases, percentages may add up to more than 100, and they are indicated on each page with an asterisk.

In reporting mean salaries, we do not include intern stipends, volunteer stipends (e.g., AmeriCorps), salaries for part-time positions, or full-time salaries for jobs that are clearly not in the field in which the degree was granted. Only base salaries are averaged; we do not include bonuses, projected commissions, housing benefits, tuition remission, relocation bonuses, etc.

Undergraduates only (N=385)

  • 66 percent employed
  • 4 percent employed part-time, not in field
  • 30 percent in graduate school
  • 4 percent seeking employment
  • 2 percent not seeking employment

Graduate students only (N=253)

  • 79 percent employed
  • 1 percent employed part-time, not in field
  • 20 percent in graduate school
  • 1 percent seeking employment
  • 0 percent not seeking employment