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Alfred Summer Arts 2023 offers exciting slate of activity

Alfred University’s Summer Arts 2023 offers free daily afternoon programming including lectures and gallery openings. The series culminates on Thursday, July 20 with the Alfred Art Walk.

In addition, the Alfred Summer Arts program offers one-day and one-, two-, and four-week workshops in a variety of media. Summer Arts lectures take place in Binns-Merrill Hall room 106 at 4:30 p.m. Weekly gallery receptions take place on Fridays, June 30, and July 7 and 14. Following is a schedule of events for the 2023 Alfred Summer Arts series:

Week 1: June 26-30

Monday, June 26: Matt Kelleher and Walter McConnell, lecture.
Tuesday, June 27: Scholes Library Presentation with Laura Habecker, A Story of Summer Ceramics at Alfred, College of Ceramics Archives, 4:30 p.m., Scholes Library.
Wednesday, June 28: Elsa Sahal and Youngmi Lee, lecture.
Thursday, June 29: Wayne Higby, lecture.
Friday, June 30: Adero Willard and Ara Koh, lecture.
Friday, June 30: Rising: Second Year Graduate Students, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, closing reception 5-7 p.m.

Week 2: July 3-7

Monday, July 3: Graduate Students in Ceramic Art, lecture.
Tuesday, July 4: (no event due to holiday)
Wednesday, July 5: Graduate Students in Ceramic Art, lecture.
Thursday, July 6: Stephanie Hanes and Sana Musasama, lecture.
Friday, July 7: Florescent Dirt: Patrick Brennan and Grace Sachi Troxell, Cohen Gallery 55 N. Main Street, opening reception 5-7 p.m.

Week 3: July 10-14

Monday, July 10: Del Harrow and Johnathan Hopp, lecture.
Tuesday, July 11: Sanam Emami and Andrea Gill, lecture.
Wednesday, July 12: Graduate Students in Ceramic Art, lecture.
Thursday, July 13: Cory Brown and Michael Eden, lecture.
Friday, July 14: Meghan Smyth: Turner Teaching Fellow, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, reception 5-7 p.m.

Week 4: July 17-21

Monday, July 17: Graduate Students in Ceramic Art, lecture.
Tuesday, July 18: Alfred Summer Arts BIPOC Artists in Residence: Yikui (Coy) Gu and Lola Ayisha Ogbara, lecture.
Wednesday, July 19: Graduate Students in Ceramic Art, lecture.
Thursday July 20: Alfred Art Walk/Graduate Studio Sales, 5-8 p.m.


Week 5, July 23-29 MostArts Festival


Sunday, July 23: Grand Opening Festival Concert, MostArts Festival Orchestra and 2019 Young Pianist Competition winner Carey Byron, with Yuval Zaliouk, conductor, 7:30 p.m., Miller Theater.

Monday, July 24: An Evening of Jazz Favorites with Pianist Dave Miller & Friends, 7:30 p.m., Miller Theater.

Tuesday, July 25: Evening Concert Series, 7:30 p.m., Miller Theater.

Wednesday, July 26: Music Under the Stars, BBQ and Gallery Hop, 7 p.m., Alfred Ceramic Art Museum.

Thursday, July 28: Evening Concert Series, 7:30 p.m., Miller Theater.

Friday, July 28: Evening Concert Series, 7:30 p.m., Miller Theater.

Saturday, July 29: Gala Finale Concert, 7:30 p.m., Miller Theater.


Tickets are required for all evening concerts at Miller Theater, as well as the Music Under the Stars event at the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum. Full Schedule of Events for the 2023 MostArts Festival.


Paul S. Briggs: Knot Stories, The Showcase Exhibition, and Selections: on view through June 30 at the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum.


2023 Incoming Arts Student Exhibition, Robert C. Turner Gallery. This exhibition opened June 6 and will be on view through the Sept. 1 closing reception.


Summer Arts workshops are designed for participants working at all levels: artists, teachers, community members and visiting professionals. Pre-registration is required. The workshops include:


Four-week ceramic workshop

June 26-July 21: Open Studio Intensive Workshop. Resident artists/advisors are Walter McConnell, Elsa Sahal, Youngmi Lee, and Ara Koh. Day-long workshops feature guest artists Adero Willard, Stephanie Hanes, and Sanan Emani.


Two-week workshops, which are sold out and have participant waitlists, include:

June 26-July 7: Lighting Up: Firing the Alfred Wood Kilns, with Matt Kelleher. This intermediate/advanced workshop will focus on firing the Alfred train kiln and a new gas/wood hybrid kiln.

July 10-21: Digital Design and Clay Printing, with Del Harrow and Johnathan Hopp. This workshop is intended for students and practitioners in Art, Design, or Architecture, and will explore a range of techniques and processes for realizing 3D Computer Models as physical ceramic form.


One-week workshops

July 17-21: Color from Nature: An Experiential Leap into Applying Color to Yarns and Fabrics, with Debra MacCrea. This course combines centuries of traditional dye knowledge and craft with modern application and inspiration, equipment, and tricks to offer the fiber artist a vast arsenal of techniques from which to draw.

July 17-21: Experimental Printmaking, with William Contino. This workshop focuses on the development of images, utilizing the media of print, both traditional and digital. Participants will work with the tools, materials and processes that will open new possibilities into the creation of personal imagery.

August 14-18: Body, Landscape, and Creative Process, with Colleen Wahl. Housed on an idyllic property in Harrington, ME, this weeklong, immersive experience is a hybrid residency-workshop designed to facilitate your creative process through somatic experiences and relevant outdoor excursions into Maine’s spectacular landscape.


One-day workshops

July 8: Formulating and Firing Reduction in-Glaze Lusters, with Stephanie Hanes. Participants learn reduction firing techniques to achieve seductive lustrous effects and get to glaze and fire a work of their own.

July 8: Plein Air Painting, with Patrick Brennan. Participants in this workshop will spend the day painting the lush Allegany County landscape.

July 15: Eco-Printing on Fabrics or Paper, with Debra MacCrea. Using freshly picked plant material from the instructor’s gardens and foraged local flora, lovely contact prints will bloom onto paper and fabric through steaming and the predictable interaction of plant tannins and an iron solution, to create one-of-a-kind botanical prints with a beauty only nature provides.


One-day workshops which are sold out and have participant waitlists include:

Pattern & Color on Thrown and Handbuilt Terracotta, with Adero Willard, July 1; Large Vessels & Surface Decoration for Functional Pottery, with Sanam Emani, July 12; AMACO Glaze Workshop, with Cory Brown, July 15.