BFA Thesis Catalog

fall 2021

Robert C. Turner Gallery, Harder Hall & Online below.

BFA exhibitions will be held on campus in the Robert C. Turner Gallery with an in-person reception on Saturday, December 4 from 6 — 8 PM. Family and visitors unable to join in person will be able to view the exhibitions through a series of streaming and video tours and an online catalog below.

Online Catalog

Rosalie Brennan

The method of working that continues to be most important to me, as I reflect on the course of my BFA studies, focuses on making paintings one image at a time. As our culture becomes increasingly preoccupied with the creation...

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Ariana Bronson

My work draws from connections to everyday life, domestic spaces, nature, craft, chemistry, and moments of curiosity. The associations we form with objects in our life are commonplace, but through using the handmade pot we...

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Jenna Howland

I’m building a tomb with my photographs; a graveyard to hold spaces that were left behind, sealed in black and white 35 mm film. With my camera, I capture spaces that are lonely and abandoned; touched by human...

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Maya Miles

KEEPSAKE: FIXING A HOLE I taste things twice. I visit a memory and spit it back up. I explore the dynamics between past, memory, and experience, and how they react with the present. This body of work is an appreciation and...

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Anna Rasmussen

My current work is an ideological blend focused predominantly on ideas of comfort predominantly derived from emotional surrogacy. In essence, this concept is accessible within nearly every culture, as historically folktales,...

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