MFA Thesis Catalog

spring 2023

Candidates for MFA degrees in Ceramic Art, Electronic Integrated Arts, Painting, and Sculpture/Dimensional Studies are featured in a series of culminating thesis exhibitions.

MFA exhibitions from the Division of Ceramic Art (CA), Electronic Integrated Arts (EIA) and Sculpture / Dimensional Studies (SDS) are held on campus. Painting MFA Alfred/Düsseldorf exhibitions will be held in Germany this spring, and a selection of work will be on view in the summer months in our galleries.

Exhibition receptions will be held on Saturdays from 6-8pm, with the exception of the last exhibition, which will open on Friday. An online catalog of graduate student work is posted here usually a week after commencement.

Online Catalog

Gabrielle Egnater

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

My work focuses on American Ashkenazi and Jewish history. Influenced by my reformed Jewish community in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, I have explored how Jewishness has assimilated into Americanness. I am drawn to...

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Jake Brodsky

Ceramic Art

I make pots. I enjoy asking both nuanced questions of form as well as big-picture questions of what pots do in our world, but it is the latter which has guided my research this year. Objects can acquire their own kind of agency...

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Javaria Ahmad

Ceramic Art

The culturally specific gender discourse around women’s everyday practices and objects has influenced my life and my work. The everyday labor of homemaking comes with its own joy and pain. The narrative of my work...

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Kate Herron

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

Reflecting upon my childhood, growing up in a traditional white American style suburban family I felt controlled by the socially acceptable norms that were established within my family and the community.  Traditionally...

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Kevin Kripper

Electronic Integrated Arts

Immersed in the realms of DIY software development and hardware hacking, my work addresses a wide variety of topics and aesthetics exploring technologies from the present and the past, and experiment combining them into hybrid...

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Sophia Simental

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

A long exhale, a prolonged glance that shifts out of focus, thoughts of then, now, if, and when. How is it exactly that we perceive? In my paintings, I question how the mind works: how one can experience the space they occupy...

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Thomas Penc

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

I was born and raised in former Czechoslovakia. Having had the experience of living in a totalitarian regime, I see aspects of its grip resurfacing again in the present world, but on a global scale. The apprehension of the...

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Victoria Walton

Ceramic Art

Victoria Walton b. 1994 is an emerging visual artist based in Baltimore. They have an MFA in Ceramic Art from NYSCC at Alfred University and a BFA with a focus in ceramics from Towson University. Victoria explores the wonder...

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Rose Schreiber

Ceramic Art

Like the shadow of an idea not yet fully thought, a shadow from the future… the ecological thought creeps over other ideas until nowhere is left untouched by its dark presence. Timothy Morton, The Ecological...

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Vivian Wang

Electronic Integrated Arts

In my art I try to make feelings visible. I see the world as a place that gathered feelings through history and still holds them. Some of these feelings are bad, some indifferent, some interesting and some extraordinary. It is...

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Sheyda Azar

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

I am terrified by this dark thing That sleeps in me; All day I feel its soft, feathery turnings, its malignity.  Sylvia Plath, Elm The primordial darkness, fragments of thought and feeling...

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Zihao Chen

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

Personal memory, cultural background, political anxiety, and contradiction are inseparable dialogues in Zihao Chen’s painting practice. This year, the reaction to the political environment in China has become an...

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