In coordination with the Center for Integrated Teacher Education (CITE)

Alfred University offers a number of Master's level programs off-campus which are extension programs of regular campus offerings. Courses are made available through our partnership with the Center for Integrated Teacher Education (CITE), which has provided professional development and in-service courses for teachers, principals and related school staff since 1983. CITE is a professional service organization that manages the logistical operations for Alfred University's AUNY programs.


The program is structured to allow separate groups of no more than 25 students to enter each program in the fall. Each group remains together through the entire program, attending classes year-round for two years, including summers. First year classes are prerequisites for all other classes in the program. All Downstate students are required to enroll in one summer course on the Alfred University campus in western New York State during each of the two years of the program. Students are notified regarding the schedule for these summer classes.

All matriculated students in the AUNY Program are regular Alfred University students. As such, they have access to the University's on-line resources and to their academic records through Banner. Details regarding these privileges is outlined in the program handbook that students receive at orientation.

Students in the program are expected to maintain Alfred University's standard of graduate study. This program requires a basic level of computer and email literacy.

Campus Visit Requirement

Each AUNY Program requires that students attend on-campus courses for one week during the summers that they are enrolled. The number of courses varies based on the length of the program. During campus visits, students attend class and participate in a program orientation. Campus housing is available to students. Alfred University and CITE assist students in making arrangements. Costs associated with these visits are not included in the cost of tuition. Information about transportation and housing is distributed to accepted students.

Transfer Credits

Alfred University will evaluate up to six credits for transfer. Courses must be graduate level and must have relevance to the established curriculum. Transfer credits are evaluated by Alfred faculty before acceptance into the program.


All students must complete the approved immunization form in order to register for classes. Students receive required forms with their application packet.