ARGUS - Alfred Research Grants for Undergraduate Students - provides students from all majors and disciplines with an opportunity to obtain funding to support research or creative work.

What do ARGUS students do?

You, as an ARGUS student, perform research or creative work on a chosen topic for one or two semesters or a summer, as described in your proposal. Each project concludes with a paper (or some other product described in the proposal) graded by your faculty sponsor. You are also required to present your work at the undergraduate research fair held each April.

How much time is required?

You are expected to regularly devote time to the project, about 8 hours per week during a semester or 28 hours per week during the summer. While the amount of work can vary substantially, it must be consistent with the scope of effort described in your proposal.

What type of project can I do?

Depending on your major and your area of interest, the possibilities are endless. ARGUS research projects have been quite diverse over the years.

What do ARGUS students get?

ARGUS helps you explore your discipline. The typical maximum payment for an ARGUS project is $750 per semester. This is money for the project and not part of your financial aid package. ARGUS funds can cover travel costs, materials, phone calls, books, and photocopying. Expenditures are approved by your project advisor. Note that ARGUS recipients may seek funds from several other University avenues to attend professional meetings/shows to present their work. You also earn course credit for ARGUS and distinguish yourself from others in your field.

Am I qualified?

If you are motivated, the answer is "Yes!" ARGUS is open to all Alfred University students, regardless of major, college, or GPA.

How do I start?

When you have a topic in mind, talk to one or more faculty members about sponsoring your project. Choose a sponsor who is interested in your work and who is willing to contribute time to your project. Your sponsor will help you plan your project and guide you through writing an application for funding. Your ARGUS proposal will be evaluated by a review panel to help ensure that your project will be successful and be of benefit to you and consistent with University goals. We ask you to describe your plan in sufficient detail so that we -- and you -- know exactly what you intend to do. When your plan seems to assure success, you will receive funding.

How to apply