Allen (Winter) Term

You can catch up, get ahead, or squeeze more into your busy life between regular semesters with an Allen (Winter) Term class. Engaging online courses from some of Alfred University's best faculty. These courses offer the same high quality, interactive learning that occurs in the classroom using an online platform that is convenient and flexible.

Why should I take an Allen Term course?

  • Satisfy a requirement
  • Explore a new interest
  • Accelerate your progress toward graduation
  • Improve your academic standing
  • Concentrate on one course without the burden of a heavy course

How do I register for a class?

The tuition rate for Allen term courses is $990 per course (not per credit hour). Both 3 and 4 credit hour courses are available and all classes are being offered in a distance learning, on-line format. There will be no class meetings on campus.

Allen Term refers to the weeks between the end of the Fall Semester and the beginning of the Spring Semester when students can take Alfred University courses on-line. It is often referred to as Winter Term at other colleges and universities. Allen Term courses are perfect for either catching up or springing ahead of schedule.

Allen Term may sound like something brand new, but it is actually very much a part of Alfred University's history. In fact, it was an official part of Alfred University's Academic Calendar from 1969-1978. What is different is that all the courses are being taught completely on-line!