International Undergraduate Student Application Process

Alfred University hosts a global campus. Through mutual understanding and respect, all AU community members can transform and grow together.

Our Values

We strive for inclusive, intercultural excellence where everyone derives value from the experiences of others. Learning from this environment, members of our community will take these shared experiences and carry them forward through life.

Our international student office values:

    We strive to be knowledgeable about policies, regulations and trends in international education. We develop and implement best practices from theory, research, rigorous training and experience.
    We embrace cultural differences and have the intercultural skills to work effectively with people from around the world. We use a holistic approach that respects multiple identities based on race, class, sexual orientation, gender, beliefs, ability and ethnicity.
    We provide services, advocacy and support based on individuals’ unique needs and goals.
    We build strong partnerships to effectively share knowledge and perspectives, and maximize resources.
    We adjust creatively to opportunities and changing needs.