The Pamela Lavin Bernstein Center for Advising

The Center for Advising allows you to take your college experience to the next level. The best part? You’ll never have to do it alone.

What We Do

The Center for Advising provides academic resources that empower students to overcome challenges, improve skills and gain a competitive edge. Here, our staff partners with faculty to help you succeed.

This is a place for students who want to be fearless, get their hands dirty and make lifelong friends from around the world. We’ll encourage you to step inside your uncomfort zone and emerge as a leader so smart and compassionate that employers will crave your vibe.

Our Mission

The Pamela Lavin Bernstein Center for Advising at Alfred University is committed to a culture of collaboration with students, staff and faculty to ensure a smooth transition to college life and a personalized college experience to best fit the needs of each individual student.

We believe in teaching our students to strive for excellence through encouragement while challenging them to believe in their own ability to succeed. We are committed to ensuring that each student develops necessary skill sets to reach their fullest potential both in college and in life through partnerships with students and faculty, as well as both university and community resources.

Our collaborative and student-centered approach empowers students to develop and implement their own education success plan and achieve both their short-term and long-term goals.

Academic Coaches

Our Academic Coaches will help you navigate college inside and outside the classroom. We will teach you strategies for decision making, problem solving and how to plan for your academic future. Most first-year students will have an Academic Coach.

Academic Coaches will:

  • Serve as a liaison for students with faculty, staff and University resources.
  • Help students create academic plans and timelines that will allow them to move through their years at Alfred University seamlessly.
  • Teach and promote proficiency in navigating degree planning software.
  • Collaborate with students to work through challenges they may face during their time at the