Analytical Testing Capabilities

The CACT is pleased to provide analytic testing services to the general public. Various ceramic, glass and kiln firing test services are available.

Ceramic Tests
1. Bulk properties (Max. 5 samples per compositions)
I.  ASTM Method $300.00
II. Vacuum Method $300.00
2. Differential Thermal Analysis Air Atmosphere $300.00
(All atmospheres, including vacuum up to 1500C
3. TGA/DTA or TGA/DSC in air $470.00
TGA/DTA or TGA/DSC in inert gas $500.00
TGA/DTA or TGA/DSC with MS in inert gas $750.00
4. Thermal Expansion (up to 1000C) $475.00
Thermal Expansion (up to 1400C) $600.00
5. Differential Scanning Calorimetry On Request
6. Chemical Analysis $30.00/Element
7. Pore Size/Surface Area/Density
I.  ASAP 2010 C (Micromeritics)
a) Complete Analysis $300.00
b) Adsorption only $225.00
c) Surface Are N2 or Kr multi point $125.00
d) Other gases and chemi sorption analysis
II. Mercury Porosimeter Autopore 9220 (Micromeritics)
a) Complete Analysis $200.00
b) Without Density $150.00
c) Intrusion only $175.00
d) Density only $100.00
III. Porometer (Coulter Electronics)
a) Bubble Point and pore size distribution $150.00
b) add permeability $225.00
c) Permeability only $150.00
IV. Multivolume Pycnometer 1305 (Micromeritics) $100.00
V. Pore Size Distribution/Analysis (Mercury Intrusion) $375.00
8. Mechanical Test
(Sample preparation is an extra fee; prior consultation with respect to size and shape of specimens,
surface finish, and number of specimens is strongly recommended)
I.  Sonic E and G $400.00/ Set up; $20.00/ Sample
II.  Compressive Strength $400.00/ Set up; $20.00/ Sample
III. Flexure Strength (4-Pt. and 3-Pt) $400.00/ Set up; $20.00/ Sample
IV. Uniaxial Tensile Strength $500.00/Set up; $100.00/Sample
V. High-Temperature Flexure Strength (4-pt and 3-pt) $1000.00/Set up, price per sample on request
VI. Hardness Measurement (Vickers or Knoop) $300.00/Set up; Price per load (10 indentations/load) $200.00
VII. Fracture Toughness by other methods On Request
VIII. Recording Microindentation Analysis (Microhardness; surface elastic modulus) $250.00/Set up; $20.00/Trial
9. Electrical Tests (Function of Temperature)
I.  AC Impedance $500.00
II. DC Resistivity $500.00
III. Resistivity (4 probe) On Request
10. Eirich Mixer (use per day/8 hours) $700.00 Per 8 Hour Day
11. Deairing Extruder (use per day/8 hours) $700.00 Per 8 Hour Day
12. Spray Drying (use per day/8 hours) $800.00 Per 8 Hour Day
13. P.C.E. $250.00
14. Powder Density via Glass Pycnometry (Nitrogen or Helium) $250.00
15. Particle Size Sedigraph $225.00
16. Surface Area BET $375.00
17. Rheology via research rheometer  $1,100.00
18. Brookfield Viscosity $700.00
19. X-Ray Powder Diffraction and QXRD $275.00
(Room temperature up to 1500C) $2,500.00 per run (4 Run minimum)
QXRD $425.00
20. X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis $175.00
21. Hot Pressing:
I.  Identification of most effective temperature and pressure $1,000.00
II. Fabrication of sample for other testing $1,000.00
22. Gas Isostatic Hot Pressing $1,000.00
23. Electron Microscope
I.  SEM/EDS analysis $325.00 per hour
II. High temperature SEM up to 1400C $1,000.00 per hour
III. Sample Prep $100.00 Per Sample
24. Transmission Electron Microscopy
I. TEM Analysis $300.00
II. Sample Prep $100.00 Per Sample
25. EXPS, (ESCA) (use per day/8hours) $1,700.00 Per Day (8 hours)
I. Sample Prep $100.00 Per Sample
26. Surface Profiling using Zygo (interferometer $225.00
Glass Tests
1. Thermal Expansion $375.00
2. Viscosity to 1400 C $800.00
3. Annealing Point by Beam Bender $275.00
4. Optical Transmission $275.00
5. Stress Determination $300.00
6. Special Melting (Materials supplied by customer) $450.00
7. Softening Point by Fiber Elongation $225.00
8. Hot Stage Microscopy $300.00
Kiln Firings
Type Max Temp
Electric 1750C $450.00
1550C $400.00
1300C $350.00
Gas 2000+C $600.00
1650C $450.00
1200C $400.00
Other Capabilities
28' Roller Hearth $2,000.00 Per Day (8 hours)
Cold Isostatic Pressing (15" dia x 38' height chamber, 20,000psi) $350.00 Per Day (8 hours)
Cold Isostatic Pressing (6" dia x 12' height chamber, 30,000psi) $125.00 Per Day (8 hours)
Spark Plasma Sintering $100.00/Set up; $275.00/Sample
Raman $100.00/Set up; $180.00/Sample