The Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology (CACT) is home to some of the world’s foremost experts in ceramic engineering, materials science, glass science and applied industrial research.

NYSCC Engineering Faculty

Dr. Gabrielle Gaustad
Dean, Inamori College of Engineering

Dr. Alexis Clare
Professor Glass Science

Dr. Junjun Ding
Assistant Professor Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Ehsan Ghotbi
Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Tim Keenan
Assistant Professor Biomaterials Engineering

Dr. Scott Misture
Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Doris Moencke
Associate Professor Glass Science/Engineering

Dr. Steve Pilgrim
Professor Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Holly Shulman
Professor Ceramic Engineering

Dr. S.K. Sundaram
Inamori Professor Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Steven Tidrow
Inamori Professor Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Kun Wang
Assistant Professor Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Anthony Wren
Associate Professor Biomaterials Engineering

Dr. Yiquan Wu
Inamori Professor Ceramic Engineering