The Alfred University Applied and Experiential Learning Program (APEX) will allow juniors and seniors to apply for funding to engage in work experience and study/research opportunities to enhance their career decision-making, increase their opportunities after graduation and inspire them to find their passions in life.

Through APEX, students will:

  • Transform a good education into an extraordinary education. APEX will provide a peak experience and new perspective.
  • Receive funding which will extend their ability to participate.
  • Gain highly valued experience that will make them more competitive in job markets and with graduate schools.
  • Refine their desired career fields, and be inspired to find passions in life, whether career-related or personal.

General Criteria:

  • The activity is structured, intentional and authentic.
  • The activity requires a supervisor, professional advisor, or mentor.
  • The activity requires structural reflection, self-critique, assessment and documentation.

Which activities will fit our criteria?

Work Experiences

  • Internships, as a minimum of 45 hours and maximum of one year, with the same organization.
  • Co-op as currently defined at Alfred University
  • Clinical placements (ie. Athletic Training)
  • Practicum experience (ie. Student Teaching)
  • On-campus work study and non-work study jobs that are approved in advance
  • Apprenticeships
  • Volunteerism/Civic Engagement as a minimum of 45 hours and maximum of one year, with the same organization or project
  • ROTC
  • Women's Leadership Academy capstone project

Study and Research

  • Study Abroad or Study Away
  • Undergraduate research work including the Honors Thesis
  • Service Learning classes as designated in Banner
  • ARGUS research or other research approved by faulty
  • Capstone projects