Art - Ceramic Art

A top-ranking ceramics program seated in the fine arts

Explore the world of ceramics in our highly regarded Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with studies in ceramic art. Here you'll work with world-renowned instructors, true experts in their field, utilizing the latest technologies, finest materials, and cutting-edge work spaces.


Campus Locations

Main Campus - Alfred, NY

Area Of Study

Art - Ceramic Art (BFA)

In the Ceramic Art area of study of the BFA program, courses in raw materials and kiln building hold particular interest. The raw materials course introduces you to the origins and properties of clay and glaze materials. The kiln-building course focuses on building a working kiln. Courses are also offered in the technology of 3D digital printing and fabrication in the ne 3D Digital Fabrication Lab collaboratively developed between the School of Art and Design and the Inamori School of Engineering.

Foundations is our first-year experience for the BFA program and is designed to prepare you for continued study in the upper levels of the curriculum. Foundations explores concepts and builds skills that can be applied to contemporary art practice in any field. The program assists you in realizing your capacity to collaborate, share ideas, and develop your own critical voice.

Sophomore Year

During your sophomore year, you're introduced to clay making, glaze formulation, throwing, hand-building, slip-casting, kiln loading, and firing.

Junior Year

As a junior, you'll strengthen technical and conceptual skills by selecting from diverse offerings ranging from utilitarian pottery to sculpture and the making of ceramic tile.

Senior Year

In your senior year, you will work one-on-one with a faculty advisor within your own assigned personal studio space to develop a major body of work. Your work will be shown in a thesis exhibition.

The Ceramic Art focus offers you extensive indoor and outdoor kiln facilities, backed by the expertise of an artist-master technician, supporting both faculty and students. There is access to large, separate studio areas for throwing, hand-building and plaster mold work, as well as a completely stocked undergraduate glaze room and labs for clay and glaze formulation. In addition, our program features a comprehensive material supply facility managed by a ceramic artist-technician.

The new 3D Digital Fabrication Lab, collaboratively developed between the School of Art and Design and the Inamori School of Engineering, offers cutting-edge exploration of new technologies in ceramics.

Digital Fabrication Lab

  • Laser Cutter
  • Rapid Prototype/ 3D Printer
  • 3D Digital Scanner
  • 3D Milling Machine

Main Kiln Room

  • 7 Gas Fired Front Loading Kilns
  • 4 Gas Fired Shuttle Car Kilns
  • 1 Gas Test Kiln
  • 12 Electric Fired Front Loading Kilns
  • 4 Electric Fired Top Loading Kilns
  • 1 Clark Fork Lift
  • 8 Electric Test Kilns

Outdoor Kiln Area

  • 6 Gas Fired Salt/Soda Kilns
  • 1 Raku Kiln
  • 1 Two-Chamber Wood/Soda Kiln
  • 1 One-Chamber Wood Kiln

Glaze Studios

  • Raw Materials Research Lab
  • Ball Mills Stationary Mixers
  • Digital Scales
  • Glaze Application Area
  • Spray Booths

Main Studio Area

  • Plaster Room
  • Mold Dryer
  • Clay Dryer
  • 3 Pneumatic Extruders
  • 3 Slab Rollers
  • Brick Saw
  • Individual Wheels
  • Individual Ware Carts

The Grinding Room

  • 3 Soldner Mixers
  • 1 Muller Vertical Shaft Mixer
  • 1 Pan Crusher
  • 1 Clay Grinder
  • Sandblaster
  • Tool and Safety Equipment Store

Rhodes Room, New Deal, Flex Space and Island GetawayCritique, Review, and Installation Spaces

Clean, flexible spaces used for:

  • Installation
  • Reviews
  • Documentation
  • Image viewing
  • Workshops
  • Special demonstrations
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