Boasting one of the finest teaching observatories in the United States

Whether preparing for a career in physics, engineering, or other related sciences, or your career goals are pointed toward the sky, look to the Astronomy minor at Alfred University. Students with backgrounds ranging from non-science - fulfilling a science requirement - to students bound for astronomy graduate school are offered extensive, hands-on experience with telescopes having apertures ranging from 8 inches to 32 inches.


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Main Campus - Alfred, NY


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Stull Observatory

All students at Alfred University have a unique opportunity to view firsthand the beauty and wonder of the nighttime sky. The Stull observatory at Alfred University houses one of the larger optical telescopes in NY state, the .82 meter Austin-Fellows Telescope. We also have a remotely operable 16-inch DFM telescope, a 9-inch refractor, and 16-inch and 20-inch Newtonian telescopes as well as a small radio telescope.

  • ASTR 107 Elementary Astronomy Laboratory
  • ASTR 302* Planetary Science
  • ASTR 303* Stellar Astronomy
  • ASTR 304* Galactic Astronomy and Cosmology
  • ASTR 307 Observational Astronomy

*Note: These courses have prerequisites. See course descriptions.

Physics and astronomy students at Alfred University focus on active learning through:

  • Research projects
  • Facilities at the Stull Observatory which houses one of the larger optical telescopes in New York State
  • Study of solar physics, near earth asteroids, or variable stars
  • Computational physics using a state-of-the-art Silicon Graphics Workstation
  • Work on particle beam physics, remotely operating the Cornell Electron-Positron Storage Ring (CESR).

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