You'll understand the science behind human behavior and how the body and mind work together. The best of our psychology and biology courses are combined to provide you with a well-rounded program to assist you as you pursue graduate school or a career in a science-related profession.


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The following courses are required for a minor in Biopsychology:

Biology Core (12 credits)

BIOL 211 Cell Biology
BIOL 207 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology I OR BIOL 307 Anatomy & Physiology: Nerves, Muscles, Skeleton
BIOL 130 Intro to Human Genetics OR BIOL 212 Principles of Genetics

Psychology Core (12 credits)

PSYC 311 Sensation & Perception
PSYC 322 Health Psychology
PSYC 330 Neuropsychology

Advanced Application (4 credits of the following)

BIPY 485 Practicum or Internship
BIPY 499 Thesis

This versatile major will prepare you for careers and graduate training in medicine, biology, health psychology, clinical psychology, nursing, public health, social work, genetic counseling, pharmacology, and beyond.

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