For students seeking NYSED Certification

If you're looking to become licensed as a coach for youth or adult community athletics clubs, or if your passion for coaching is at the educational level, The Alfred University Athletic Coaching minor is for you. The Coaching program takes an interdisciplinary approach, addressing topics ranging from CPR and other first aid, nutrition, and personal health, to coaching theory and sports philosophy.


Campus Locations

Main Campus - Alfred, NY


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Required Physical Education Courses

  • COAC 291 Philosophy, Principles, and Organization of Athletics
  • COAC 301 Health Sciences Applied to Coaching
  • COAC 475 Theories and Techniques for Coaching Sport

Required Other Courses

  • ATHT 111 Emergency Medicine in Athletic Training
  • ATHT 190 Principles of Strength Training and Reconditioning
  • ATHT 222 Nutrition for Health and Human Performance

Elective Courses

  • ATHT 103 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
  • ATHT 215 Personal Health
  • ATHT 232 Introduction to Sports Management
  • ATHT 242 Sports, Society, and Ethics
  • SOCI 300 Sport in Contemporary Society (when available)

The Coaching minor includes courses required by the New York State Education Department for certification as a coach in secondary school settings. Additional required coursework expands knowledge of health promotion and conditioning for athletes, while electives in the minor provide opportunities for exploration of societal and management aspects of sport or more in-depth study of health, wellness, and injury treatment and prevention. The minor will be of interest to students who wish to work with youth and sport.

  1. Students are required to complete a fieldwork experience in coaching for each in sport desired for NYS certification. Fieldwork is encompassed within the Theories and Techniques of Coaching course. The fieldwork requirement is 30 hours, of which a minimum of 15 hours must be completed in a 7-12 school setting.
  2. First aid and CPR certifications are a part of the ATHT 111: Emergency Medicine in Athletic Training course.
  3. Students will also be required to complete the online Heads Up, Concussion in Youth Sports course prior to completion of the minor.
  4. Students will be required to attend the SAVE and Child Abuse Training Workshops offered through the Division of Education.
  5. Students completing the Coaching minor at Alfred must complete at least 50% of the course work for the minor at Alfred. A grade point average of at least "C" must be attained overall for courses counted for the minor.
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