International Business

Learn how other countries function in the global market

Employers need business professionals with the ability to operate in multi-lingual and diverse cultural environments. Alfred University's International Business minor will give you the skills necessary to succeed in the global environment in which business operates.


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International Business

International Business is a current high-demand program of study based on the globalization of business. Students complete at least two semesters of a modern language, gain an understanding of global cultures, and build a foundation in all areas of international business. Students are encouraged to participate in an international study experience.

International Business Minor Requirements

  • (Language) Two Semesters of one Modern Language
  • GLBS 101 Intro to Global Studies and Intercultural Communication
  • BUSI 457 International Business
  • ECON 412 International Economics
  • FIN 458 International Financial Management
  • MKTG 489 International Marketing
Plus, complete 1 of the following International Experiences:
  • Business-related faculty-led travel course abroad (3 credit hours)
  • Internship Abroad (minimum 3 credit hours)
  • One full semester of study abroad

You must complete at least half of your course work at Alfred University and achieve a grade point average of at least a "C" (2.0) in courses submitted for completion of the minor.

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