Strategic Plan Metrics FY18

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Define Brand (MZ, JB) Define 5-year annual targets for faculty and staff diversity improvement (RS, MG, DN) Define and implement a 5-year plan to grow first-year enrollments to 550. (BD)
Establish integrated brand marketing plan. (JB) Define 5-year annual targets for student study abroad and geographic mix. (BD, RS, KW) Implement retention plan to improve retention to 81% or higher by FY22. (KW)
Redesign our website. (JB) Articulate how best AUNY and Art Force 5 can be leveraged. (JC, DN) Define and implement 5-year plan to grow non-traditional net revenues by 50% by FY22. (JC, RS)
APEX: prepare for implementation in FY19. (KW)   Define campus master plan to include facilities and grounds upgrades and accompanying financial plan. (GL, MZ)
Refine educational outcomes assessment process. (RS)   Ceramics: Hire new Inamori Dean and outline revitalization plan. (RS)
Define plan for academic program review. (RS)   Secure $5M for SIF to support revenue growth. (JA)
Define plan for investing/divesting in curricular and co-curricular programs. (RS, GL)   Secure at least $1.7M for AF. (JA)
Define strategic retention plan. (KW)   Secure at least $10M in new gifts and commitments with at least 40% for endowment. (JA)
Re-establish the Saxon Career Volunteer network to connect AU students with alumni career mentors. (KW)   Outline plan to grow research by 25% by FY22. (RS, SG)
    Define and implement financial management processes to promote entrepreneurial culture and ensure near and long-term sustainability. (GL, MZ)
    Launch advisory boards in SoAD and CLAS. (JA, GE, BAD)
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