Strategic Plan 2024-2026

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Alfred University's Promise: helping students realize their purpose

Alfred University’s leadership and Board of Trustees follows a disciplined process of defining the institutional strategic planning priorities with a focus on our three distinctive attributes: Intersections, Mentorship and Inclusivity.   

Known worldwide for our programs in glass, ceramics and other materials sciences as well as for our expansive liberal arts and art and design programs, our students and faculty are improving people’s lives around the world.


Other highlights include: 

School of Art and Design + Performing Arts Division
The New York State College of Ceramics has been a fulcrum for Alfred University creating a top 10 School of Art and Design, with particular strengths in ceramic and glass art.

Inamori School of Engineering
The Inamori School of Engineering is rated in the top 50 in materials science and offering world-renowned programs in ceramic engineering and glass science. 

Our engineering students undergo hands-on training throughout their studies. Numerous opportunities for co-ops, research projects, and student clubs (Baja car racing, snowmobile design, metallurgy, tiny house building, aeronautical design, and drone flying) allow them to learn, problem solve, test, and experiment. 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The same philosophy of learning by doing is woven into the curricular fabric across the University’s other academic units. Our College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, whose commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that it is among only 10 percent of such higher education institutions in the country with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, provides a wide range of maker experiences. Among these are the opportunities to: write and publish one’s own first book; travel to another country or engage with our EuroSim program so as to enhance one’s cross-cultural understanding and political problem-solving; appreciate astronomy, physics, and the place of humans in the cosmos through our observatory; participate in field trips illuminating how best to promote environmental sustainability; apply chemistry to activities such as baking, cooking, maple syrup production, and beer-making; understanding mathematics and computer science through weaving, board games, and E-sports; and extensive opportunity for curriculum-based research experiences (CUREs) in fields such as biology and biochemistry. 

College of Business
Our College of Business has been ranked in the top 100 by U.S. News and World Report and is AACSB-accredited (the gold standard for business school accreditation). It is the youngest school to have been ranked in the top 100 and it is distinguished by the significant business experiences of all the faculty. 

AUNY/Graduate Psychology and School Counseling 
Our Extended Campus (AUNY) as well as our Graduate Psychology and School Counseling programs focus on the ever-growing health, wellness, and educational needs of our broader community. The curricula involve extensive practicums and project work.



Nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Allegheny Mountains,  Alfred University creates valuable intersections that transform people’s lives through our distinctive, world-renowned programs, our advanced spaces and technologies, and among our talented people. Our University offers many distinct opportunities for students and faculty to thrive. Among our features that set us apart in higher education, we are committed to:
  • Encouraging students to explore outside of their comfort zones and ask big questions about issues in the world.
  • Continually advancing our teaching and learning excellence.
  • Providing access to interdisciplinary double major opportunities.
  • Advancing our first-class research programs that are open to students of all levels.
  • Providing seamless, integrated students support experiences across the whole University.
  • Engaging alumni, students, families and friends with the University on campus and nationwide.
  • Building the Saxon Hill Sports and Recreation Complex (opening 2025)


We advance an evolving culture of mentorship, whereby our students learn from each other, faculty, staff and alumni. The commitment to mentorship as a core value and opportunity for the campus community is evidenced by:

  • Providing systematic recognition and rewards for mentorship development.
  • Sustaining a comprehensive student employment program that develops career readiness.
  • Expanding access to leadership development programming in the Judson Leadership Center.
  • Publishing accounts of transformative mentorship in university publications and web pages.
  • Celebrating faculty and student accomplishments in research, teaching, service and mentorship.
  • Ensuring workforce, management systems, and communications are aligned to support and celebrate the culture of mentorship.
  • Students have opportunities to be mentored by faculty, coaches, staff or even peer students. Sharing experiences in all dimensions of life enriches our students’ experiences as they grow with us.


We welcome and support all students and employees by expanding access to all dimensions of the Alfred University experience. We remain innovative and inclusive by:

  • Supporting all students inside and outside the classroom.
  • Cultivating a campus culture that promotes initiatives supporting inclusivity and a genuine sense of belonging.
  • Demonstrating the distinctive value of an Alfred University experience.
  • Engaging the entire university in the process of attracting and enrolling students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Listening to students about ways to enhance the curriculum and co-curricular programs.
  • Providing robust summer programming to bring prospective students, teachers, and counselors to campus.
  • Offering full support to students through the Center for Academic Success and Career Development Center.
  • Ensuring fiscal practices and investments are aligned with strategic plan priorities and support all university objectives.  
  • An additional Alfred experience for all new students is our Common Ground program. It comprises a series of discussions among small groups consisting of first-year and transfer students facilitated by members of the University administration, faculty and staff. Common Ground, as its name implies, provides the opportunity for students regardless of their academic interests or backgrounds to have enriching conversations about different topics trending in our communities.

Rev. 4-25-24