Annual Traditions

Welcome to a place that celebrates uniqueness. Where traditions connect us. Alfred Saxons share unique moments that inspire pride in our community and strengthen our network.

Saxon Fridays

We are Saxons! Every week we celebrate Saxon Fridays wearing our best purple, gold and AU gear both on and off-campus. #saxonfriday

Hot Dog Day

Hot dogs? Yep, we honor them by eating them. A lot of them. Dogs, more dogs, even not dogs. Our annual spring festival raises funds for local nonprofit agencies and includes an artisan fair, parade down Main Street, games, and activities. And dogs.

King Alfred

A statue of King Alfred stands in the center of campus. Students often dress him up to mark special occasions. You may see him sporting a purple shirt for orientation or a pumpkin for Halloween.

Pine Hill Derby

As part of our Hot Dog Day celebrations, students race soapbox derby-style cars they build in our annual Pine Hill Derby.

MostArts Festival

The MostArts Festival features the brilliance of timeless classical music performed by world class musicians, the Young Pianist Competition and the vibrant world of Alfred art.

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