Common Ground

An experience for first-year and transfer students

An additional Alfred experience for all students new to Alfred University is our Common Ground program: a series of discussions among small groups consisting of first-year and transfer students facilitated by members of the university administration, faculty and staff.

Common Ground, as its name implies, provides true common ground between students regardless of their academic interests, and complements our other first-year experience programs which are unique to their respective colleges and schools.

Common Ground integrates our new students into the Alfred University community through discussions in which students will hear the stories of their peers from different backgrounds, interrogate their assumptions about other people or places, get more comfortable talking about sensitive topics like race, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class, and articulate the values that they will live by as citizens of the Alfred community.

These discussions will give administrators, faculty, and staff a chance to learn about our incoming class, too. The perspectives of all of our students at Alfred matter, and we want to start learning from each other as soon as our newest community members join us.