Foster Lake, Inc. Access Pass Rules and Regulations

Permitted activities include fishing, non-motorized boating, hiking, jogging, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, picnicking, swimming, educational use/nature study, bird watching, photography, and camping. Other activities may be pre-approved as Permitted Activities on a case-by-case basis. Please obtain a copy of the Foster Lake Usage Request Policy and Form from the Foster Lake web page to secure permission at least five working days in advance.

Email the request form directly to us or postal mail it to:

Foster Lake, Inc.
230 Maker Way, Physical Plant
Alfred, NY 14802

Hours of Operation

The property gate will require a key which will be provided when the access pass holder application is received with payment at the physical plant office. Open hours are from dawn until 10 pm. Only persons authorized to be camping or participating in a scheduled and approved event may be on the property after closing, unless prior, express, written permission is obtained from Foster Lake, Inc. We ask that Foster Lake access pass holders close and lock the gate upon entering and when leaving the property. This will help to minimize unauthorized access and vandalism. Access pass holders will be required to return the gate key to the Physical Plant office upon expiration of their access pass.


Student and individual pass holders are permitted one guest per pass holder. Family pass holders are allowed 2 guests per pass holder. Family pass holders must be immediate family members. Activities other than pass holder permitted activities (i.e. reunions, educational or community related activities), will require a Foster Lake Usage Request Form to be completed and submitted to Foster Lake, Inc. for prior approval.

Access Pass Availability

You must have your access pass at all times and present it upon request of caretaker, management, or authorities.

Other Policies

Bath Houses

Do not discard paper towels or anything other than toilet paper provided in the toilet; use the waste basket provided. Do not discard food or drink in the bath house waste baskets. Remove those items from the premises when you leave.


Lifeguards are on duty (weather permitting) from 10 AM - 7 PM, mid-June through mid-August. Swimming is also subject to weekly water quality testing. Two lifeguards must be on duty, otherwise no swimming is permitted.


Canoes, kayaks, rowboats, paddleboats and sailboats are permitted. Boats must be clean and free of zebra mussels, etc. Life jackets must be worn at all times when out on the water. No other boats, or power boats of any kind, may be used or stored on the property. Each pass holder may store one permitted boat until November 1. Any storage of boats is at the owner’s sole risk and must be locked when not in use. No bailment is created. Foster Lake, Inc. and/or Alfred University are not responsible for any theft, vandalism, casualty, or other loss to any stored boat. Foster Lake, Inc. shall not be responsible for the protection and/or safeguarding of any boats stored. Permission to store a boat may be revoked for violation of the rules. All boats must be removed from the property prior to or on November 1st; if left behind after this date, boats or other water crafts may become the property of Alfred University.


Fishing is allowed. All NYS Department of Environmental Conservation regulations apply. You must have a valid NYSDEC fishing license on you at all times when fishing in Foster Lake. Ice-fishing is not allowed at Foster Lake, nor is walking on the ice at any time. Fishing in the swimming area is prohibited at all times.

Horses and Motorized Vehicles

Only hiking is allowed on the hiking trail encompassing Foster Lake. Horses and motorized vehicles are not allowed due to their impact on trail erosion and degradation, as well as quality.

Please use firewood from local distributors, or dead or downed branches on site. There is currently a warning regarding the transportation of campfire wood as issued by the NYS DEC. Do not cut down, damage, or destroy any living wildlife.


A new regulation is now in effect that prohibits the import of firewood into New York unless it has been heat treated to kill pests. The regulation also limits the transportation of untreated firewood to less than 50 miles from its source.

By transporting firewood, you could be spreading diseases and invasive insects that can quickly kill large numbers of trees. Help STOP THE SPREAD and obey the Firewood Regulation:

  • It is best to leave all firewood at home - please do not bring it to campgrounds or parks.
  • Get your firewood at the campground or from a local vendor - ask for a receipt or label that has the firewood's local source.
  • If you choose to transport firewood within New York State:
    • It must have a receipt or label that has the firewood's source and it must remain within 50 miles of that source.
    • For firewood not purchased (i.e. cut from your own property) you must have a Self Issued Certificate of Source, and it must be sourced within 50 miles of your destination.
    • Only firewood labeled as meeting New York's heat treatment standards to kill pests (kiln-dried) may be transported into the state and further than 50 miles from the firewood's source.
    • For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions for Firewood Regulation. For additional questions regarding this regulation, please call this toll free number 1-866-640-0652 or e-mail the DEC.

Appropriate Conduct

If the Foster Lake manager, Public Safety officer, EH&S personnel, the property caretaker, or a lifeguard deems that conduct of any user violates the rules, is disruptive to others/inappropriate, or presents an undue risk or danger, the safety representative has the authority to ask users to cease such conduct and/or leave the premises immediately. Illegal or inappropriate behavior may result in the local authorities being notified.


Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs will be permitted on the property.

Loss of Privilege

Any abuse of property or failure to follow rules, policies and/or requirements may result in loss of privilege and/or referral to the University’s judicial system (for student pass holders). While changes to the rules are not expected, rules are subject to change, and you will be notified of any changes to the rules.


All activities are undertaken at the pass holder’s sole risk.

Camping will be a Permitted Activity from May 1 through October 31 (the “Camping Season”). No group (except families) shall exceed 5 persons (regardless of how many campsites are occupied), and all persons camping must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, unless accompanied by their parent or guardian. Parents or guardians shall be solely responsible for providing appropriate supervision of all camping activities. Campers are limited to two consecutive week reservations. Obtain a copy of the Foster Lake Usage Request Policy and Form from the Foster Lake web page. Exceptions to the preceding camping rules require obtaining prior, express, written permission from Foster Lake, Inc., which may be withheld in its sole and absolute discretion. All garbage generated by campers shall be carried out of the property and properly disposed. Campfires and cooking are only permitted in designated fire rings and cooking areas. No bonfires are allowed. Camping is permitted only by reservation. Pavilion use may be reserved in advance; when not reserved, the pavilion is available on a first come-first served basis. Call 607-871-2154 for more information.

Parking is allowed only in designated areas.

No hunting, weapons or firearms are allowed on the property.

All parties must remove all garbage and leave the area as it was found.

Dogs are permitted but must be leashed and under the control of the owner at all times.