Recess Airport Shuttle Schedule

**Shuttle service has been suspended until further notice. Please see below for updates.

The following is a schedule of the transportation service arranged by Alfred University for students to get to/from the Rochester airport.  The dates for this service coincide with academic recesses.  To secure a seat reservation, you must complete an online request no later than 24 hours prior to the shuttle run.  Purchasers MUST have complete flight information at time of scheduling.  Not all shuttles will operate unless there are confirmed reservations. 

Cost per student is $50 one-way and will be withdrawn from student accounts.  Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance.  If cancellations are less than 48 hours in advance, full payment is required.  Airport pick up is at the baggage claim area outside.  Pick up at Alfred University is outside the first floor entrance of the Powell Campus Center.

Shuttle Suspension Information

Please note that, due to COVID-19, all shuttle services are suspended until further notice. It is our hope to run shuttles for students as normal once travel bans are lifted and the campus reopens. Please check back in July or early August for updates as the situation improves.