Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Residence Life at Alfred University? Meal plans? Best practices for a successful transition into on-campus living? You've come to the right place.

Q. What kind of amenities included in the rooms?
A. Every residence hall room has a bed, dresser drawers, and either a closet or wardrobe. Within each residence hall is laundry (free), a kitchen, restrooms/showers, and at least one gather space for students. These amenities differ based on residence hall. Please view our virtual tours videos for more information.

Q. Is there an AC or heating inside the room?
A. All residence halls have heat, but only a few have air conditioning (Connors and Joel's House).

Q. Are there water stations throughout halls on campus?
A. Our residence halls do not have water stations, just water fountains. Many of our academic buildings do have water stations.

Q. Are pets allowed in residential buildings?
A. All animals (ESA and service) must be approved through the Center for Academic Success. Students are allowed to have fish within a 10 gallon tank.

Q. What hardware is allowed to hang stuff up on walls?
A. We recommend Command Strips as students cannot use nails or anything that punctures the wall. Please note that we do not allow any fabrics to be hung on our walls (tapestries, flags, shirts, etc.).

Q. Do rooms have mirrors?
A. Majority of our rooms have mirrors, but many students also bring their own smaller mirrors that can be hung on the wall/doors with Command Strips.

Q. What size rug is suggested and what size is the typical room?
A. We suggest 5'x7' area rugs and encourage you to work with your roommate in regards to who is bringing what.

Q. Are laundry pods allowed?
A. We encourage students to refrain from pods as they clog the machines.

Q. How much room is under the bed when raised and what size storage container will fit under the beds?
A. When raised to their max height, our beds have 25 inches of clearance available under the bed, thus any storage tote should fit.

Q. If there is still billing issue regarding housing on my student account, who should I contact?
A. Please email Max Koskoff, Director of Residential Communities. Even though he may not respond immediately, please note he is looking into the issue for you.

Q. Is there a list of items that are or are not allowed to be brought into the halls?
A. Yes, there is a list!

Q. How do I decide what meal plan is best for me?
A. That is a very personal decision and is often based on your style of eating. You can always add Fiat Bux though if you run out of money.

Q. Can I switch my meal plan?
A. Yes, you may switch your meal plan now by submitting a Meal Plan Change Request. By the first Friday of classes at 4pm, you may visit the Office of Residence Life in Bartlett Hall to make a change.

Q. What do I do if I have food allergies?
A. When you arrive on campus, go talk to the dining staff in Ade Hall and inform them. They are more than willing to work with you to accommodate any allergies you may have while still making great food. It is all about knowing this upfront so they can be prepared.

Q. What is the difference between Saxon Swipes and Dining Dollars?
A. Saxon Swipes are only used for meals in the Powell Campus Center (a la carte). Dining Dollars can be utilized at any food place on campus on any items, even Starbucks!

Visit the Dining On Campus Homepage

Q. Is there a service to move heavy luggage?
A. Unfortunately, we do not offer that service. However, the football team, has generously volunteered their time and will be available to support students and families to move items in. Please make sure you support them in their first home game on Friday September 3, 2021 at 7pm!

Q. Where can I get some food on the first day of moving in?
A. Lunch will be served as will be dinner. For a full listing of events happening on move in day for both first year students and returning students, please visit our Welcome Week page.

Q. What can be expected on move-in day?
A. Move in day is filled with events from a BBQ to a session for families, to an art show, to bookstore shopping. It is also a time for you to get organized and settled into your residence hall space.

Q. How long will I be there to assist my student?
A. We ask that families leave by 5 PM.

Q. How does parking work for move in?
A. Parking permits can be obtained via Public Security or at move-in.

Q. How many people are allowed to support a student moving in?
A. Families can help their student move-in, and we ask that all wear a mask.

Q. Will early arrivals move directly into their residence halls or stay with the team until move-in?
A. A majority of early arrival students will go directly into their permanent fall housing assignment. Due to reunion weekend being so close to move-in for some early arrivals, this can't be the case for everyone, so some may need to go to a temporary assignment.

Q. Where can roommate information be found?
A. Roommate information can be found in the email correspondence from Residence Life that outlines the student's residence hall and room, meal plan and roommate.

Q. If I don't have a roommate in my email conformation, does that mean I have a single?
A. It can mean that, but it is not a guarantee. It can also mean that someone has just not been placed there yet.

Q. If I am flying in, is there a shuttle?
A. Yes, there is a shuttle from the Rochester airport. You can sign up here. It is free of charge.

Q. What if I cannot make it during the assigned move in times?
A. If you are not able to move-in on your assigned move-in time and day, you must contact the Residence Life office to make alternate arrangements to check-in.

Q. What if I haven't gotten my housing assignment yet?
A. If you haven't yet received your housing assignment, please email Max Koskoff, Director of residential Communities.

Q. Does the University offer storage options over the summer?
A. Unfortunately, we do not have space to offer storage for students over the summer. We do, however, partner with a local private third party storage company, AIMS Self Storage, which offers pick-up and delivery services.

Q. What is my mailing address and how will I receive my mailbox number?
A. You will receive your Powell Campus Center mailbox number at move-in day. Your mailing address will be:
Your name
# {mailbox number} Powell Campus Center
Alfred NY, 14802

Q. If I arrive early for any reason how will I receive my mailbox number?
A. Please stop by the Mail room in the Powell Campus center between 8am-3pm to get your assigned mailbox.

Q. I heard that there are two scheduled move-in days this year. Which is mine?
A. If you are a First-Year or transfer student joining our community for the first time you will move-in Thursday, August 19, 2021 between 8:00 AM 1:00 PM at the Joyce & Walton Center (look for signs upon entering Alfred). If you are returning to Alfred University, we have changed the move-in process to a more welcoming and celebratory experience. All returning students will move-in on Saturday, August 21, 2021, between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM at the Joyce & Walton Center. If you cannot make it during this time, please contact us to make alternate arrangements to check-in.

Q. I may have a student hold. What should I do?
A. Please remember you will not be issued room keys if there are outstanding student holds. These holds could be caused from a number of things, all which require action on your part. Examples may include balances on your bill/not having a plan to pay your bill, immunization records/health records and incomplete financial aid packets/not being registered for classes. If you have a hold for any reason, you will be notified and given instructions on what you must do to clear the hold by the Center for Advising. It will be your responsibility to make sure you have addressed the issues. Failure to do so will result in your inability to move into on-campus housing and attend classes. It is imperative that you listen to the Center for Advising, Health Services, Financial Aid and other offices when addressing these issues as we're all here to support you as a community while you are here at Alfred University.

I need bedsheets and was told about Dormify. What is it?
We have partnered with an off-campus vendor to provide bedding and linens. These can either be shipped to your house or directly here. Please visit Dormify's website to learn more.

What if I want to be an early arrival to campus?
Early arrivals are not allowed unless you are a member of a pre-approved group. If you are a member of such a group, you will be contacted in early August about how to check-in to your campus assignment as it varies based on group. If you need to return early but are not required to by an AU program or team, you must contact the Office of Residence Life at 607-871-2186 to request accommodations. If permission is granted, there will be a charge of $50/night. This will be charged to your student account. Should you return early without clearing it ahead of time, you will not be allowed in the halls until Saturday when the halls open for returning student check-in.

What surge protectors can I use in my dorm room?
For fire safety reasons, each room is equipped with a state-approved surge protector; one per person, per room. These meet the standard requirements of our NYS Fire Marshal and are the only surge protector allowed in on-campus housing at Alfred University. If the surge protector is missing upon checking out of your room, your student account will be charged for replacement. You may purchase an additional surge protector if needed. We recommend these two models: