Wood Fire with Reduction Cool 6/24 - 7/5 (SOLD OUT)

With Lindsay Oesterritter.

This class will focus on firing the wood kilns with a reduction cooling and considerations that go into making for wood firing. Students will bring bisque ware, and we will have some class time to make as well. We will combine the wheel and hand building techniques and explore ideas around the unglazed surface. Demonstrations will include making on the wheel, incorporating hand-built elements, and design details and considerations of the pot. While we prepare our work for the wood kilns, we will also cover wadding, loading, firing, reduction cooling, unloading and cleaning our wares. At the end of the class you should expect to be taking home your newest favorite pots, but more importantly, new ideas for your studio practice. We will be working with high-fire stoneware, iron-rich stoneware, and other high-fire clay bodies.

All levels; beginners encouraged.

This workshop is sold out, but please explore our other available arts and ceramics workshops!

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