Summer Arts BIPOC Residency

Summer 2022

Alfred Summer Arts BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Artist-in-Residence program provides artists with opportunities to dive deeply into their artistic research and practice, and creative endeavors.


The goal of the residency is to provide a cross-cultural destination at Alfred University for early-career BIPOC artists to enhance social/racial justice or combat structures of white supremacy. This will serve artists who have been historically underserved and remove systematic barriers.


Artists who identify as Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color. We encourage artists who are practicing non-conventional, interdisciplinary art genres at the intersection of arts and racial/social justice. Artists will stay in the residency at least 4 days of a given week during the residency program.


May 16-June 11 or July 18-August 13, 2022. Each residency lasts a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 4 weeks.

BIPOC Residency Exhibition: September 2nd - October 3rd

Tatiana Florival / / May 16th - June 12th

Tatiana Florival is a NYC-based artist-filmmaker. She graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2018. Her work has been shown in galleries such as Kunstraum Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and Woods-Gerry Gallery in Providence, RI. She has also screened her work in theaters such as the Bijou Theater in New Haven, CT.
Her work aims to investigate and at times propose explanations for natural phenomena, such as death, origin, and the connection between mind and body. She's interested in the observation, imitation, and interpretation of those natural patterns, and translating those observations into imagined landscapes, characters, and stories.

Clare Hu / / May 16th - June 5th

Haptic skips of woven textiles gone awry, the distortion of image dictated by the hand, and games of hide and seek, inform the use of weaving, mended imagery and installation, to examine false histories and notions of the South. By utilizing slow craft, Clare Hu dissects how Southern myths are acted and re-enacted in the stories and objects surrounding them, and particularly, the kinds of debris left behind.
Hu completed her BFA with a focus in Fiber and Material Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and has received additional training in textiles from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands. Clare has shown widely in Chicago, IL at No Nation Gallery, Gallery No One, Dfbrl8r, and Sullivan Gallery, and has recently shown at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY and Dream Clinic Project Space in Columbus, OH. She is a recent Hambidge Center fellow, and a past resident at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn.

Adrian Aguilera / / July 18th - August 7th

Born in Mexico's industrial capital of Monterrey. Aguilera immigrated as a young adult to the U.S. where he settled in Austin, Texas in late 2000's. He received his BFA (2004) from The Autonomous University of Nuevo León, México. Working with a variety of mediums that include sculpture, text-based work, print media, video public art, and installations, he researches the intrinsical essence that resides in objects. With an interest in scientific observation, cultural history, and social issues, Aguilera's work aboard our relationship with the physical and cultural spaces in which we (co)exist. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally at The Philbrook Museum, The Contemporary Austin, Artpace San Antonio, the Fusebox Festival, The Blanton Museum of Art at the Univeristy of Texas, The George Washington Carver Museum, and The Instituto Cultural de México in Paris, France. In addition to his practice he is an active member of the Austin-based contemporary arts collaborative Black Mountain Project. He currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Jacoub Reyes / @jacoubreyes / Jul 27th - Aug 10th

I am a printmaker and installation artist based out of Orlando, Florida. In my current practice, I find and make materials and tools as part of an experimental aspect in my process. I salvage and transform found wood as a reflection of how marginalized and oppressed communities have been cast aside throughout history. With these, I carve detailed large-scale allegorical woodcuts based on the acculturation of the Caribbean and the world at large. From the sides of forgotten buildings to interactive handmade structures, my installation work incorporates sound recordings, prints, and video elements that meld personal histories with global shifts. Through this method, I can prioritize bridging the gap that connects our present and past with the hope of preventing historic recurrences. My work, built from found objects, holds and preserves history that viewers can experience firsthand.

Up to $2,000 to cover travel, meals or supplies. Housing: complimentary.

Fully furnished 1 bedroom, 2nd floor apartment at the Cohen Center for the Arts on Main Street in Alfred, NY. Full kitchen, linens and laundry on site. Spouses, partners, collaborators are welcomed (guests need to be 18 years of age or older).

3300sq ft (2nd floor) or 2900sq ft (1st floor) studio space at the Cohen Center for the Arts on Main Street, or performing arts spaces at the Miller Performing Arts Center (including dance studio, practice rooms, costume shop, and theatre spaces) as appropriate to the applicants’ practice. Access to other studios on the Alfred University campus will be determined on a case by case basis.

An opportunity to exhibit or present in one of the galleries or performance spaces at Alfred University following residency.

CV (up to 3 pages), portfolio of 10 images, project proposal during the residency program (400 words), and personal/artist statement (400 words).


March 1st, 2022. All artists will be notified of their application decision by April 1st, 2022.

Rey Jeong, Professor of Practice & Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Generator, Victoria Walton, MFA Candidate in Ceramic Art, Felicity Machado, MFA Candidate in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies, Joann Quinones, Assistant Professor in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies

All residents must be, or will be at the time of the residency program, fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Fully vaccinated is defined as having received their final dose of the vaccine two weeks prior to the event date. Representatives must show proof of vaccination in order to enter any building on campus. All guests must follow the university’s safety protocols.

Selected artists may be required to take headshots for a temporary University ID card.