The Alfred University trustees made this study possible through their support and funding. Without their concern and their willingness to explore difficult questions, we would not have been able to undertake this study. We extend our appreciation to the Alfred University administration as well, for investing numerous hours trying to understand and grappling with the complexities of this issue, while keeping the study grounded in practical concerns. Kimberly Birmingham provided outstanding technical expertise as the project's statistician. Alfred University Faculty Advisors provided important review of this study, namely:

Dr. John D. Cerio
Professor School Psychology and Director of Child and Family Services

Dr. Edward Gaughan
Professor of Psychology and Chair of School Psychology

Dr. Arthur L. Greil
Professor of Sociology and Health Policy and Chair of Social Sciences

Dr. Robert A. Myers
Professor of Anthropology and Public Health

Dr. Norman J. Pollard
Director of Counseling and Wellness Center
and Adjunct Associate Professor of School Psychology

We are especially grateful to all the high school students across the country who took the time to fill out the survey and return it to us and to their families for their support.