Biomaterials Engineering

A BME Master's program geared toward the biotech sector

Alfred University offers an MS degree in Biomaterials Engineering (BME) designed for students who wish to study materials for medical applications. Our BME graduates are well prepared to enter the rapidly growing “biotech” industries where knowledge of both materials and molecular cell biology is rare. They are also prepared to enter industries that develop and manufacture medical devices, such as cardiovascular stents and dental prosthetics. Applicants interested in pursuing a PhD should consider applying to our PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering.


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Biomaterials Engineering (MS)

The program requires 30 credit-hours beyond the Bachelor's level, as follows:

  • Biomedical Materials (3 credits)
  • Advanced Biomedical Materials Engineering (3 credits)
  • Graduate-level materials science electives (9 credits)
  • Graduate-level biology electives (8 credits)
  • Graduate Seminar (0 credit, mandatory every semester)
  • Thesis research (6 credits)
  • Research Seminar (1 credit)

Applicants to the MS program in Biomaterials Engineering should have a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or the physical sciences (including biology).

Candidates for the degree must submit and successfully defend a Master's thesis based on work completed as part of the 6 credit hours of thesis research. In collaboration with their thesis advisors, candidates must also write and submit a manuscript suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

The program is designed to be completed in 24 months (4 semesters plus summers) of full-time study. The program must be completed within six years of first admission. Continuous enrollment is required.

The application deadline is January 15 (Fall) for full consideration of funding. Applications will be considered after that date, but those that meet the deadline will receive priority funding consideration.

Application Requirements

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Accepted full-time students are eligible for financial support, ranging from partial support (work opportunities) to full support (an annual stipend plus a tuition waiver). Students will be notified of their award upon acceptance.

Applicants who do not receive full support are placed on a waiting list for additional funding. Because additional support is not guaranteed, students who receive partial support should make plans to support themselves throughout the duration of the degree program. More information about the tuition rates, projected living costs, and the availability of loans is available on the Office of Admissions web page.

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