Honors Benefits

For many students, the non-academic benefits of the Honors program prove to be just as meaningful as the seminars. As a member of the Alfred University Honors Program, you can expect to be surrounded by bright, talented, creative, and energetic classmates from the start of your first year. There’s no way we can detail all the perks of being an Honors student, but here are some of the highlights:

Big Siblings

Soon after your acceptance in the Honors Program, you’ll be “adopted” by an upper-class member of the Honors program who will answer any questions you may have via phone or e-mail. Before the start of classes in late August, you’ll have dinner with the other first-year students in the program and finally meet your “big sibling” at the Death By Chocolate reception for new and returning students, held annually at the Honors House:

Dining room table set for Death By Chocolate Celebration.
Death By Chocolate at the Honors House.

The Honors House

8 Park Street (The Honors House) is an important part of life as an Honors student. The comfortable couches provide a relaxed setting for seminars, and the study room is a quiet spot to study and work. Over the years, the residents who have lived there have hosted a variety of events including cookouts, Halloween parties, and dinners for friends. Up to five students in the program are selected to live in the Honors House each year.

Academic Recognition

Graduates of the Honors Program will be recognized with the designation “Alfred University Scholar” on their transcript and diploma. This designation will be visible to anyone who requests your transcript, such as graduate schools or programs such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, or Marshall scholarships.

Thesis Funding

There is financial support available to defray costs relating to your Honors Thesis.

Special Events & Activities

Honors students learn together - but they play together, too. We host service events, educational discussions led by AU professors, games nights at the Honors House, and social events. Students have many opportunities to become involved!

Road trips are popular, too. In recent years we've seen Hamilton, The Book of Mormon, MST3K Live, and Hair. In the past, we’ve seen David Sedaris, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Hair, Fun Home, and Young Frankenstein, among other productions.