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Have an appetite for understanding the inherent complexities of society? Our Sociology major attracts students like you who want to better understand themselves, others, and the sociocultural, political, and economic environments where social interaction occurs. Our Sociology program's method of systematic instruction and small class sizes make it uniquely engaging.


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Sociology (BA)

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I. Core Courses

  • SOCI 110 Introduction to Sociology
    or ANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOCI 230 Introduction to Data Analysis and Statistics
  • SOCI 420 Social Theory: A Survey*
  • SOCI 431 Research Design and Strategies*

II. Elective Courses

  • SOCI 200 Special Topics
  • SOCI/POLS/ENVS 214 Environment, Politics, and Society
  • SOCI 235 Socialization*
  • SOCI 236 Cults, Sects, and the Main Line*
  • SOCI 242 Social Problems*
  • CRIM/SOCI 245 Crime and Society*
  • SOCI/WGST 253 Social Welfare Institutions
  • SOCI 343 Race and Ethnicity
  • CRIM/SJST/SOCI 344 Sociology of Deviance*
  • SOCI/WGST 346 Sociology of Sex and Gender*
  • SOCI/WGST 348 Sociology of Families*
  • SOCI/SJST 355 Power, Privilege, and Inequality
  • SOCI 400 Special Topics*
  • SOCI 450 Independent Study
  • SOCI 470 Application of Sociology Field Work*
  • SOCI/GLBS 495 Global Issues Seminar*

*these courses have prerequisites; see course descriptions

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In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the Interdepartmental Major, as well as the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences general education requirements, you'll be required to complete the College's First Year Experience Program or Transfer Student Program.

The Sociology major attracts students who want to better understand themselves, others, and the social, cultural, political, and economic environments within which social interaction occurs. The sociological method makes possible the systematic comparison of data from various groups, societies, cultures, and social institutions. Sociology majors take coursework in both theory and methods, allowing them to formulate generalizations about the nature and causes of human social behavior. Majors also participate, when feasible, in experiential learning opportunities. In addition to helping students prepare for graduate study, the major helps prepare students for careers in such areas as social work, law, public health, business, and social research.

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Required Courses—16 credit hours (Grade must be C or higher)

  • SOCI 110 Introduction to Sociology (Cross-listed as SJST 110)
  • SOCI 230 Introduction to Data Analysis and Statistics (Cross-listed as POLS 230)         
  • SOCI 420 Social Theory: A Survey (Cross-listed as POLS 420) (Prerequisite: SOCI 110)
  • SOCI 431 Research Design and Strategies (Cross-listed as POLS 431) (Prerequisite: SOCI/POLS 230)

Electives—20 additional credit hours (Grade must be C or higher)

  • SOCI 200 Special Topics*
  • SOCI 214 Environment, Politics & Society (cross-listed as ENVS/POLS)
  • SOCI 235 Socialization*
  • SOCI 237 Media and Politics (cross-listed as COMM/POLS)
  • SOCI 242 Social Problems*
  • SOCI 245 Crime and Society*
  • SOCI 253 Social Welfare Institutions (Cross-listed as WGST 253)
  • SOCI 300 Special Topics*
  • SOCI 343 Race and Ethnicity
  • SOCI 344 Sociology of Deviance and Criminal Behavior* (cross-listed as CRIM/SJST)
  • SOCI 346 Sociology of Sex and Gender  (Cross-listed as SJST/WGST 346)
  • SOCI 348 Sociology of Families* (Cross-listed as WGST 348)
  • SOCI 349 Sociology of Health, Illness, & Dis/ability*
  • SOCI 355 Power, Privilege, and Inequality* (cross-listed as SJST 355)
  • SOCI 356 Social Movements (cross-listed as SJST/POLS)
  • SOCI 400 Special Topics*
  • SOCI 450 Independent Study
  • SOCI 470 Application of Sociology Field Work
  • SOCI 495 Global Issues Seminar* (Cross-listed as GLBS)

*Course requires a prerequisite

  • SOCI 110 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 420 Social Theory: A Survey*
  • SOCI 431 Research Design and Strategies*
  • Eight additional credit hours

*these courses have prerequisites; see course descriptions

The Sociology degree provides solid liberal arts preparation for entry level positions throughout the business, social service, and government worlds. This program prepares students for careers in social work, journalism, politics, public relations, business, public administration, or any field that involves investigative skills and working with diverse groups.

Recent examples include:

  • Admissions Counselor – Alfred University
  • Research Analyst – Carnegie Communications
  • Elementary School Teacher – New York City Board of Education
  • Child Support Legal Assistant – State of New Mexico
  • KidsPeace – Child Care Counselor
  • Health Researcher – Armed Forces Medical College
  • Investigator – NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board
  • Registrar for Steuben Child Care – Steuben and Yates County Pro Action, Inc.
  • Community Assistant– Bronx District Attorney
  • Youth Hostel Assistant Manager – London, England
  • New Business Developer – Jordan Anderson Advertising
  • National Community Civilian Corps – Summit House
  • Preschool Teacher – Children's Center of Brighton
  • Director of Marketing – Barker & Gilmore LLC
  • Case Manager/Job Coach II – Arc of Livingston-Wyoming Co.

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