Double Majors

Bringing truly interdisciplinary studies to life at Alfred University

Discover a multitude of double major opportunities at Alfred University, where you can seamlessly integrate two distinct fields of study into your coursework. Benefit from a well-rounded education, gain a competitive edge in the job market, and cultivate a versatile skill set by exploring the advantages of pursuing two majors.

What is a Double Major?

A double major refers to any Alfred University student pursuing two different academic majors or fields of study simultaneously within a single degree program. Truly interdisciplinary in nature, students who double major fulfill the requirements for both majors and receive a single degree that acknowledges proficiency in both areas.

Why Should You Consider a Double Major?

You may choose to double major for a few different reasons. First, it allows you to explore and specialize in two distinct areas of interest, providing you with a broader and more versatile skill set. Additionally, double majoring can enhance career prospects by making you more adaptable to diverse job opportunities after graduation and demonstrating a commitment to a well-rounded education.

What Can You Double Major In?

Alfred University currently offers students 16 double majors, each with individual requirements for completion. The following double majors can be combined with any other Alfred University major:

*Business Administration is only available as a double major to non-College of Business students.

Are double majors available to students from outside of their current major's college or school?

YES! A double major from an Alfred University college or school other than your primary degree's college or school provides even more opportunities to blend your academic interests into your Alfred experience.

For example, a student in the Inamori School of Engineering majoring in Mechanical Engineering might consider double majoring in Marketing (housed in the College of Business) to create a variety of interesting career paths that blend technical expertise with business acumen, such as Supply Chain Manager, Industrial Market Research Analyst, Technical Sales Engineer, and R&D Product Manager.

With careful planning, dedication to your studies, and the assistance of your academic advising team, you may meet the academic requirements for both majors within the usual timeframe for completing a degree. We are here to assist you in planning your double major each step of the way!

A double major involves a student pursuing two different academic majors simultaneously within a single degree program, leading to a single degree with proficiency in both areas. On the other hand, a dual degree involves a student completing the requirements for two entirely separate degree programs, resulting in the awarding of two distinct degrees. Double majoring is often more common and allows for exploration within a single degree, while dual degrees involve a more comprehensive study across two distinct fields.

How Do I Get Started?

Declaring a double major is a straightforward process that requires only a few steps to be completed:

  1. Research your double major's requirements. These can be found right on the program page for the double major you're considering adding to your studies.
  2. Meet with your academic advising team of faculty and staff who can assist you in planning a seamless roadmap and course schedule to complete your double major requirements. Your first point of contact on that team is Jean Cardinale, Alfred University's coordinator for interdisciplinary programs.
  3. Declare your double major with the Registrar's Office. We'll connect you with the appropriate forms and information to complete this step beforehand.
  4. Stay informed and monitor your progress once your double major is approved. You may be required to recertify or meet periodically with your advising team to ensure you continue to meet both double major program requirements.

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