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Your theatre experience at Alfred University will be rich in academic variety and offer numerous opportunities to create, giving you the best of both worlds in the development of theater arts. The Theatre Major and Minor will provide you with deep engagement and collaboration with classes and productions of excellent quality - all of which are Outside of Ordinary.


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Main Campus - Alfred, NY


Theatre (BA)



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Niki Tulk

Why Theatre at AU?

Welcoming Program

Open to all students regardless of background or experience, embracing all with a passion for creating collaboratively.


The Miller Performing Arts Center is a beautiful, well equipped building designed to support teaching and performing.


Integrate theory with a focused development of skills, techniques and production, with potential to create in all areas of design and acting.

A Comprehensive Program

Areas of concentration can include acting, design, directing, history and criticism, stage management and technical production. As a Theatre student you will also have full access to music, dance and the visual arts to benefit from our dedication to our comprehensive approach to a liberal arts education.

Performance in CD Smith III Theater

National & International Opportunities

The Theatre Department is an active member of ACTF and USITT which provides students with opportunities to be involved with theatre at a national and international level. Our goal is to provide students with a solid foundation in order to succeed in graduate school or as professionals and to be life-long artists, technicians and learners as they explore and engage with the world around them.

Core Requirements:

  • THEA 110 Introduction to Theatre
  • THEA/PDAT 120 Technical Theatre
    or THEA/PDAT 220 Design Fundamentals for Stage, Dance and Film
  • THEA 212 From Page to Stage: Script Analysis
  • THEA 240 Acting I
  • THEA 311 Theatre History: Art, Politics and Society I
  • THEA 312 Theatre History: Art, Politics and Society II
  • THEA 430 Directing I
  • THEA 431 Directing II
    or THEA 495 Senior Project

Electives in Theatre:

Choose 12 credits from the range of courses below to shape your area of interest as a theatre major.

  • PDAT 221 Costume Construction
  • THEA/PDAT 222 Stage Makeup
  • THEA/PDAT 320 Scene Design
  • THEA/PDAT 321 Lighting Design
  • THEA/PDAT 322 Stage Costume Design
  • THEA/PDAT 470 Advanced Projects in Theatrical Design and Technology
  • THEA 200/300/400Special Topics
  • THEA/ENGL 205 The Play’s the Thing! Playwriting
  • THEA/MUSC 210 The Performing Arts: A Global Perspective
  • THEA 230 Stage Management Fundamentals
  • THEA 242/342 Performance Workshop Lab
  • THEA/PDAT 270 Play Production
  • THEA 340 Acting II
  • THEA 350 Independent Study
  • THEA/PDAT 370 Advanced Play Production
  • THEA/PDAT 385 Internship
  • THEA 431 Directing II
  • THEA 440 Acting III
  • THEA 490 Senior Seminar
  • THEA 495 Senior Project

Related Fields:

  • ART 111 Beginning Drawing
  • ART 121 Beginning Sculpture
  • ART 133 Beginning Black and White Photography
  • ARTH 100-level (Introductory Art History)
  • DANC 120 Fundamentals of Dance
  • DANC-technique (DANC 221, 222, 223, 321, 322, 323)
  • DANC 230, 330 Improvisation/Composition I, II
  • DANC 270 Alfred University Dance Theatre
  • DANC 211 Dance History
  • ENGL 225 Shakespeare in Cinema
  • ENGL 411 Shakespeare’s Comedies and Histories
  • ENGL 412 Shakespeare’s Tragedies
  • MUSC 100-108 Private Lessons
  • MUSC 110 Music Appreciation
  • MUSC 120 Music Theory I
  • MUSC 130-139 Voice, Piano, Strings Classes
  • MUSC 270-279 Music Ensembles
  • MUSC 301-308 Private Lessons, Advanced
  • PHIL 283 Philosophy of the Arts I
  • RLGS 307 Myth, Ritual and the Creative Process
  • RLGS 308 Artists, Shamans and Cosmology
  • (other courses may be considered; must be approved by the Division Chair)

Minor Requirements

(15/16 credits core plus 11 cr electives.)

  • THEA 110 Introduction to Theatre
    or THEA 200 Special Topics
  • THEA 210 The Performing Arts: A Global Perspective
  • THEA 212 From Page to Stage: Script Analysis
  • THEA 270 / 370 Play Production 4 credits

One of the following:

  • THEA 311 Theatre History I
  • THEA 312 Theatre History II
  • THEA 430 Directing I 3 credit

Alfred University has sent numerous "invited scenes," several student designers, and invited productions to the KCACTF Region 2 Theatre Festival, including Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" in the Spring of 2014 and "Widows" by Ariel Dorfman in the Fall of 2009.

In Spring of 2014, Allison Burrell, costume designer for 'Almost, Maine' a spring 2013 production, presented her designs and was selected to go on to Nationals in Washington DC.

Region 2 encompasses New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. Productions are nominated by ACTF observers and selected by a committee. To have four productions selected in 10 years is a strong statement of the quality of the program offered.

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