Reunion 2023

The 2023 Reunion is scheduled for June 8-11. All alumni are welcome to attend Reunion, and planning is already underway!

Fiat Lux with Sun

In 2023 we will honor all class years ending in 3 & 8. There will be a special group celebration for Alfred University Golden Saxons. Alpha Kappa Omicron, Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Sigma Phi will hold their annual celebrations.

Have a suggestion for a special group or milestone celebration? Let us know! Now is the perfect time to begin planning. Each special group celebration requires a minimum of two coordinators. Please call the Office of Alumni Engagement at 607-871-2144. Your participation is what makes the difference!

If you have suggestions on how we can make future Reunion celebrations the best they can possibly be, we invite you to share your ideas with us by emailing or calling Janet Marble at 607-871-2144.