Judson Leadership Center

Beth Robinson Judson Leadership Center at Alfred University

The Judson Leadership Center provides leadership training, education and development to the campus. Special programs are offered for women, new students and any students who want to assume leadership roles on campus. We are committed to the development of ethical leaders who reflect principles of inclusion, sustainability and global sensibility. The Judson Leadership Center is a space that welcomes all students.

The Judson Leadership Center offers:

Housed within the Beth Robinson Judson Leadership Center is The Women's Leadership Center. The WLC provides leadership experiences specifically for women students to meet the challenges of a complex society. The WLC offers several unique opportunities: The Women of Influence speaker series, the Women's Leadership Academy, the WLC Research award and the Alpha Kappa Omicron Leadership Awards.

Omicron Delta Kappa: The JLC is home of Alfred University's chapter of ODK, The National Leadership Honor Society.

If you would like to make a gift to the Judson Leadership Center, either for general use or to support women’s leadership, new student mentoring, or the leadership certificate program, please contact our University Advancement Office at 607-871-2144.

Hours & Location

The Judson Leadership Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

To reserve the space or to make an appointment outside of these hours, please email us.

We are located at the corner of Ford and Sayles Streets, next to Connors Hall and across from Alumni Hall. Find us on our campus map.

Our Mission

The Beth Robinson Judson Leadership Center seeks to engage students in leadership education, development, and programming that promotes advocacy, collaboration, inclusion, and an understanding of the value and impact of gender equity. Using the Social Change Model as a framework, we offer special programs for women, student-athletes, first-year students, and more.

DEI Statement

We acknowledge the negative impact that racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, xenophobia, and more, have had on the lives of the students at our University. Thus, we are resolved to affirm our identity explicitly and publicly as an anti-racist, and anti-discriminatory, department in practice, policy, and deed. We resolve to develop, implement, and sustain strategies that dismantle inequity in our department through the practice of cultural humility; so, the Judson Leadership Center is dedicated towards building socially conscious and inclusive leaders, taught to be open to life-long learning and critical self-reflection.

Contact Information



The Judson Leadership Center is also staffed by a Coordinator and an enhanced graduate assistant. Opportunities for student interns are available to work on programming and assessment.

Beth Judson

Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Robinson Judson was a founding member of the Women's Leadership Center Advisory Board, an Alfred University Trustee, a devoted AU Alumna, an Alpha Kappa Omicron Sister, a cherished friend, and mentor. Beth Judson graduated from Alfred University in 1982 with two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Science and a Bachelor of Art in Mathematics, magna cum laude. She earned her master's and doctorate degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology. Beth was a tireless advocate on behalf of women's leadership education. The Judson Leadership Center is named in her honor.

The Judson Leadership Center benefits from an Advisory Board which acts as a resource for information, advice and support for the Director. The Advisory Board holds formal meetings twice per year. Board members include:

  • Danielle Johnson-Kutch '03
  • Natalie Krauser '98
  • Zac Laury '25, Student member
  • Kellee-Sue Milord, Esq. '08
  • Emma Robinson '16, Chair
  • Susan Rogers '75, '79
  • Virginia Simms George
  • Ruth Bosquet '24, Student Member
  • Sherry Walton '80
  • Deborah Wilkinson
  • Kathy Woughter '93

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WLC Library

The WLC Leadership Library has over 200 titles related to the study of leadership, women’s issues, women’s literature and poetry, and feminism. Our collection, available to the public, includes classical writings, contemporary treatments, biographies and much more. These materials are not replicated by Alfred University's libraries and are unique to the purposes of the JLC. The Leadership Library holds special collections on behalf of the Women’s Studies program, and from the personal libraries of Jeanne Mueller Lewin and of Carol Burdick, affectionately known as C.B.

University Library

We recommend using the excellent Herrick Memorial Library for accessing new and classical materials on almost any subject. We suggest these keywords: leadership, organizational management, entrepreneurship, management, women's issues.

Facilities Use

Our meeting space is an excellent location for studying or small group discussions. We have couches, chairs, and tables that make our lounge ideal. We also have free high speed wireless internet. Please contact us for information on reserving our space.