An esteemed program nationally recognized with our own Phi Alpha Theta chapter

Because the faculty emphasize interdisciplinary and global learning, the History program at Alfred University gives you a challenging and unique perspective on what was and is the world around you. Add to that your upper level courses are intentionally taught with small class sizes and you'll be able to engage with instructors and peers in lively discussions taking your education in history to a more personal and impactful level.


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History (BA)




Based on your specific interests, you have the ability to take courses in a variety of fields, from American Social and Cultural History to Urban History and everything in between.

Interactive Learning

Utilizing the latest teleconferencing technology, lectures with experts in the field of history far and wide are engaging, relevant, and provide you global insight.

Nationally Recognized

Because of the History program's breadth, depth, and overall merit Alfred University has been awarded a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society for students and teachers of history.

A Broad Range of Fields

Customize your learning to the specific field of history in which you're interested: American social and cultural history, American political and diplomatic history, Ancient, medieval and modern European history, Middle Eastern history, North African history, Urban history, and Religious history.

Small Class Sizes

Small classes enable students to engage with teachers and peers in lively discussions and the opportunity to construct independent study courses, senior thesis projects, and study abroad programs, provides a well-rounded educational experience.

Major Requirements

From the numerous courses offered a total of 34 credit hours in history is required. Of these hours, 26 must be drawn from the 300 or 400 level, and the student must complete eight hours in American and 8 hours in non-American history at the 300 or 400 level.

The following is a sample list of courses recently taught in the History major/minor:

  • HIST 107 - The World in the 20th Century
  • HIST 110 - The Making of Europe
  • HIST 111 - Modern Western History
  • HIST 120 - The Ancient Mediterranean
  • HIST 121 - Medieval Cultures
  • HIST 152 - The Spectacular Spanish Empire: Rise, Decline, Influence
  • HIST 200 - Topics in History
  • HIST 211 - American History I
  • HIST 212 - American History II
  • HIST 223 - Survey of German History
  • HIST 300 - Topics in History/Non-American
  • HIST 306 - Prosperity and Depression: America 1919-1941
  • HIST 307 - Post-World War II America
  • HIST 308 - Americans and Their Environments
  • HIST 309 - Israelis, Arabs and American Foreign Policy
  • HIST 310 - The Ancient Greeks
  • HIST 311 - The Roman World
  • HIST 312 - Early Medieval Europe, 400-1050
  • HIST 320 - Europe and the Americas, 1450-1750
  • HIST 321 - The History of Fascism
  • HIST 322 - Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt, Hitler
  • HIST 323 - The History of Stuff
  • HIST 324 - Queer American History
  • HIST 325 - Imperialism in Africa and Asia
  • HIST 326 - The Modern Middle East and North Africa
  • HIST 327 - Propaganda: Persuasion, Art and War
  • HIST 328 - Visions of Modernity: Art, Politics and Ideas
  • HIST 329 - Revolution and Culture: Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche
  • HIST 359 - History of Chinese Thought
  • HIST 360 - Topics in History/American
  • HIST 365 - The British Isles in the Middles Ages
  • HIST 371 - American Diplomacy: 1763-1898
  • HIST 372 - America as a World Power, 1898-Present
  • HIST 375 - The Creation of American Culture
  • HIST 376 - Modern American Culture
  • HIST 377 - History of American Slavery
  • HIST 383 - The Nazi Holocaust
  • HIST 385 - Internship in History
  • HIST 387 - Modern France, 1815-Present
  • HIST 421 - The Age of Franklin and Jefferson
  • HIST 450 - Independent Study

Minor Requirements:

The minor in History requires completion of two General Education history courses, plus 12 credits of history at the 300 or 400 level.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the major in History, as well as the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences general education requirements, you'll be required to complete the College's First Year Experience Program or Transfer Student Program.

Successful Graduates

The History major prepares students for graduate study and careers in education, journalism, law, government, libraries, archives, and historic preservation. We are proud that the history program has successfully placed graduates in these and other fields. Here are just a few recent graduate examples:

  • E-3 – US Air Force
  • Museum Assistant – NYS College of Ceramics
  • Executive Assistant to the President – Project Vote Smart
  • World History Teacher – Chautauqua Lake Central School
  • Passport Specialist – US State Department
  • Tour Guide – Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises
  • HS Social Studies Teacher – Cuba-Rushford High School
  • Support Paralegal – Wildes, Weinberg, Grunblatt & Wildes
  • Reporter – The Evening Tribune
  • Pre-K Teacher – Jasper-Troupsburg School District
  • District Executive – Five Rivers Council Boy Scouts of America
  • Research Assistant – Marine Corps University Foundation
  • Assistant Manager – Global Equities, Inc.
  • Researcher – Time Magazine

Faculty / Staff

In addition to being fully dedicated to the personal and educational development of their students, faculty members also take great pride in their active involvement in writing books and articles and participating in conferences around the world.

Similar Programs

You should consider pairing your History major with a minor or another major in order to enjoy a broader range of career opportunities following graduation. Popular programs include:

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