Computer Science

Specially suited for supplementing popular AU majors

The minor in computer science provides students with a broad introduction to modern programming, web development, and software engineering. It is the perfect program to supplement a major in engineering, mathematics, physics, or other field where computing technology will be an integral part of your required duties on the job.


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Main Campus - Alfred, NY


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Computer Science

The computer science minor requires 20 semester hours of computer science and related courses:

  • CSCI 156 Computer Science I
  • CSCI 157 Computer Science II
  • CSCI 205 Introduction to MySQL Programming
  • CSCI 331 LAMP Server Administration
  • RNEW 303 Software Engineering

Faculty / Staff

Each of the six faculty members in the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science are dedicated to teaching and advising, as well as to mathematics itself. Since their specialties and interests are diverse, they frequently run independent studies on topics that are not part of the regular curriculum. Recent topics include Raspberry Pi, Egyptian mathematics, and stock market valuation through data analysis. Faculty offices are located around the Math Common Room, a space where students feel free to drop in all day. Whether using this room for study or visiting a teacher, students quickly become accustomed to talking with faculty outside of class.


The Division of Mathematics and Computer Science at Alfred University is committed to integrating computing technology into its instruction. A fully functional computer laboratory provides powerful desktop computers equipped with various mathematical software, and features audio/visual and teaching aids. The lab is typically used for differential equations, linear algebra, and advanced engineering mathematics. The laboratory allows us to develop these courses along the lines of widely accepted contemporary models. Not only is instruction enhanced, but student activities have been broadened to include work on real-world problems that are computationally intensive.

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