National Casting Center

The Division of Sculpture/Dimensional Studies at Alfred University

A melting pot of experimental activity, The National Casting Center within the School of Art and Design at Alfred University comprises two comprehensive state of the art facilities: one specializing in Metal Casting and the other in Glass Casting. Courses are taught extensively in both areas from sophomore through to graduate level.

Metal Casting

The Foundry comprises of furnaces to melt iron, bronze and aluminum as well as a forge. Processes include Sand Molding, Ceramic Shell, Centrifugal Casting, Wax and Plasticene pattern making. Digital and Environmental Foundry approaches range from 3d printing to ancient clay molding techniques. For finishing there is the adjoining Metal Fabrication Shop with a full range of welding, cutting, rolling and grinding equipment including a walk in sand blaster and patina booth.

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Student pouring molten metal into a mold

Glass Casting

The brand new glass casting facility currently has a two-thousand pound capacity continuous melt furnace for clear glass, a 1200 pound capacity furnace for colored glass, three large heat recovery glory holes and twenty annealing ovens, all computer controlled, plus a full range of kilns, a new CNC mold ramming press, and appropriate finishing tools.

Students working in the hot shop