Digital Lab

Welcome to the Digital Lab at Alfred University, a state-of-the-art facility that serves as a creative and innovative hub for students, faculty and staff from both the School of Art and Design and the Inamori School of Engineering. Our lab is equipped with a broad array of digital fabrication tools designed to support a wide range of projects and research endeavors.

Cutting Edge Equipment

From advanced 3D printers capable of handling various materials and techniques, to precision laser cutters, versatile CNC machines, and unique materials extrusion systems, we offer the tools necessary to bring any concept to reality. Additionally, the lab includes sophisticated scanning and printing technology to facilitate detailed replication and customization of projects. Here, interdisciplinary collaboration flourishes, fostering an environment where art intersects with engineering, and imagination is limited only by the bounds of creativity.

  • Prusas MK3S+, FDM (x16)
  • Prusas MK3S+ with Multi Material Unit (MMU), FDM
  • Stratasys 170, FDM with soluble support
  • Stratasys 250MC, FDM with soluble support
  • FormLabs Form3, SLA resin printer
  • Lutum 5M (x2), clay extrusion
  • Lutum 5XL, clay extrusion
  • PotterBot 10PRO, clay extrusion
  • 'Epilog Fusion Pro 36, dual source. 100W CO2 laser, 50W fiber laser.
  • EZ Router
  • Pensa D.I. Wire Pro, wire/tubing bender
  • AxiDraw V3, drawing machine
  • 3D Scanner, Artec Eva Lite
  • Decal Printer, Enduring Images/Ricoh
  • AxiDraw V3, CNC drawing machine (x3)

digital lab ceramic satellite interior view with computers and printing equipment on desks
The Digital Lab Ceramic Satellite located in Harder Hall features four clay extrusion 3D printers, a decal printer, and more.

Digital Lab Workshops & Institutes

Each summer, Alfred University transforms its New York State valley campus into a dynamic center of learning and activity, hosting engineering and arts workshops, high school institutes, sports camps, and cultural experiences. This bustling hub attracts individuals from various backgrounds, offering them access to top-notch facilities and expert instruction. Participants leave with not only new skills and knowledge but also memorable experiences and lasting connections that enhance their lives well beyond the season.

Learn More

3D Printing for Metal Casting Workshop
Introduction to 3D Printing for Metal Casting High School Institute

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