Meet our School of Art and Design faculty and staff.

Dean's Office

Lauren Lake

Associate Dean

Shelly Grant
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Summer School Contact

Billie Burns
Administrative Assistant, Grad Programs

Betsy Kent
Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs

Caitlin Brown
Communications & Outreach Coordinator, School of Art and Design + Performing Arts Division

Rey Jeong
IDEA Generator (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access)

Stanzi Vaubel
Special Events Coordinator for the Arts

Division Heads

Hope Childers
Art History - Division Head

Walter McConnell
Ceramic Art - Division Head

Lydia McCarthy
Drawing, Painting, and Photography - Division Head

William Contino
Expanded Media - Division Head

Dale Inglett
Foundations - Division Head

Sarah Blood
Sculpture & Dimensional Studies - Division Head


Art History

Ceramic Art

Drawing, Painting and Photography

Expanded Media


Sculpture/Dimensional Studies

Technical Staff

Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

International Randall Chair

  • Maarten van Malsbeek
  • Liet Hergina

Martha Anderson
Professor of Art History

Diane Cox
Professor of Sculpture

Anne Currier
Professor of Ceramic Art

Stephen D. Edwards
Professor of Glass

Roger Freeman
Professor of Photography

Andrea Gill
Professor of Ceramic Art

Thomas Lacagnina
Associate Professor of Wood Design

Donald Royce-Roll
Professor of Art History

Fred Tschida
Professor of Glass Art

William W. Underhill
Associate Professor of Sculpture

Glenn E. Zweygardt
Professor Sculpture