Education - Middle Childhood/Adolescent

With certification in adolescent education & more

Preparation for a career in adolescent education (grades 7-12) combines an academic major in a particular field with a minor in education. Middle/Adolescent education subjects include business and marketing (pre K - 12), and biology, chemistry, earth science, English, mathematics, physics, social studies and Spanish (7-12 and 5-9).


Campus Locations

Main Campus - Alfred, NY


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Middle Childhood, Adolescent Education

Course Sequence

  • First year and sophomore year (prerequisites)
    • EDUC 230 Psychological Foundations of Education (3 credits)
    • EDUC 231 Social Foundations of Education (3 credits)
    • SPED 456 Human Development: Exceptionality (3 credits)
  • Junior year
    • EDUC 345 Education Fieldwork (3 credits)
    • EDUC 405 Literacy in the Content Areas (3 credits)
    • EDUC 413 Using Literature in the Intermediate/Adolescent Classroom (3 credits)
    • EDUC 488 Current Teaching Methods: Middle Childhood Subjects (3 credits) (optional for middle childhood extension certificate)
    • EDUC 489 Current Teaching Methods in the Teaching of Adolescent Subjects (3 credits)
  • Senior year - student teaching semester
    • EDUC 460 Seminar in Teaching & Professional Development (3 credits)
    • EDUC 462 Student Teaching for Middle/Adolescent Certification* (12 credits)

*Alfred University offers you the opportunity to apply for an Applied & Experiential Learning (APEX) grant which can be provide up to $1,000 to support you during your student teaching semester.

The sequence above represents a typical progression; your academic advisor will work with you to create a schedule that meets your specific needs.

Entrance Requirements for the Minor

Alfred University maintains high standards for all students admitted into our education programs. You may apply for admission into the Middle/Adolescent Education minor at the beginning of your junior year.

Admitted students:

  • Are enrolled in a subject area major and are recommended by your major division
  • Have met GPA and course grade minimums
  • Complete and pass an application interview

Alfred University is an approved teacher preparation program for New York State Early Childhood/Childhood Education teacher certification.


  • Content Specialty Test (CST)
    • The appropriate Content Specialty Test(s) for the appropriate developmental level(s) and certification area(s)
    • Must pass before applying for a teaching certificate
  • Educating All Students (EAS)
    • Must pass before applying for a teaching certificate
  • auTPA:
    • Completed during the student teaching semester
    • Must pass before a student will be recommended for certification

New York State Mandated Workshops:

All students must complete state-required workshops in Child Abuse Identification and Reporting, School Violence Prevention and Intervention (SAVE), and Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention (DASA). The SAVE workshop is provided within EDUC 231 every semester and the DASA workshop is offered online every semester. The Child Abuse Identification and Reporting class is not offered for undergraduates at AU, but it can be taken online through NYSED.

Fingerprinting/Background Check:

NYS requires candidates applying for Initial (first) certification to complete a fingerprinting/background check. Students will need to have fingerprinting completed for the Practicum/Fieldwork semester in order to comply with school district policies. Fingerprinting information can be obtained from the Division of Education office.

NYSED - Teacher certification acceptable grades policy:

Only courses with a grade of C or above for undergraduate level courses will be acceptable in meeting the content core and pedagogical core requirements.

To complete additional certification in middle childhood, you must successfully complete all requirements for middle/adolescent certification as well as EDUC 488 - Current Teaching Methods: Middle Childhood Subjects.

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