Academic Support Services Graduate Assistant

AOE Opportunity Programs

5 hours/week
Reports to the Director of the Arthur O. Eve Opportunity Programs


The Graduate Assistant assists the Opportunity Programs in providing academic support services to students on academic probation within the H/EOP student population. In addition, she/he will assist in the oversight and guidance of the OP Student Planning Council which develops and implements programming for the Opportunity Programs student population.


  • Develop and deliver a series of workshops that address the skills needed to be academically successful
  • Meet individually with students on Academic Probation to discuss ways to enhance academic success
  • Communicate with the OP staff related to what tools need to be provided to support the success of the students on Academic Probation
  • Plan and carry out activities that will engage students in their academic success goals
  • Provide guidance to the student lead planning council to develop and carry out activities to engage OP students with one another.

Learning Outcomes

Over the course of the semester, the GA will:

  • Be able to identify what may impact a student’s academic success
  • Gain more insight into who they are as a person and how that may impact how they work with students
  • Learn how to work with diverse population of students
  • Some aspects of budgeting and fiscal responsibility


This is a 5 hour/week assistantship which provides a half-tuition aid award. The GA will be included in all OP Team meetings. The most benefit to the GA will be learning about themselves and how they see the world to be better equipped to work with students from at-risk populations.

For more information, please contact:
Michele Doorley, Interim Director of the AOE Opportunity Programs

All Opportunity Program graduate assistants and interns are expected to coordinate expectations and schedules with academic faculty and employers (if applicable).