Wellness Center Graduate Assistantship

(5 hours/week) - Reports to the Director of the Wellness Center or appointed designee (e.g., Health & Wellness Coordinator)


To promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage maintenance of healthy choices, as well as assist with fostering a sense of overall well-being and personal growth of Alfred University students through counseling and health services, consultation, outreach, training, and education/programming for the campus community.

Specific Tasks

  • Create and maintain publicity/marketing for a wide variety of Wellness Center initiatives and projects
  • Assist in coordination of peer educator programs and presentations
  • Support/represent the center at events as academic schedule allows (e.g., staff tabling events)
  • Assist in presentations to campus groups
  • Research health education topics and programs
  • Update the Wellness Center’s social media
  • Seek grant funding, as appropriate, to sustain and grow the program

Required Skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills
  • Computer and media design skills
  • Ability to self-manage workload/Work independently
  • Time management
  • Must maintain a professional demeanor

Special Note

The Wellness Center is a confidential environment. You must agree and sign a statement to maintain the confidentiality of students’ identity and any information pertaining to the students and/or center.


  • Gain experience in developing and coordinating peer education groups and techniques.
  • Participation in Motivational Interviewing and other training related to health topics, mental health, and alcohol and other drug education.
  • If the opportunity arises for professional development outside of the Wellness Center (e.g., training or conference), the Wellness Center will support attendance at a student rate.

For more information, please contact Allsun Ozyesil, Director of the Wellness Center.

All Student Experience graduate assistants are expected to coordinate expectations and schedules with academic faculty and employers (if applicable).