College of Business

We take creative, adventurous students and give them the tools to succeed, whether they are pursuing their bachelor's or MBA degree. Our graduates are sought after candidates by local, regional, national, and international companies. We help shape future business leaders.


Our graduates will understand the situational context of leadership. You will be able to initiate collaboration with team members in identifying and achieving common objectives.

Effective Communicators

Employers are looking for effective communicators. You will be able to exchange and interpret verbal, written, and expressive messages.

Core Business Knowledge

As a graduate in our College of Business, you will understand how to apply core business functions including: management, accounting, economics, marketing, finance, global business, the legal environment of business, and management information systems.

BA - Bachelor of Arts BS - Bachelor of Science BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts

* Corning Community College degree completion program

Program Masters Doctorate Certificate Additional Info
Accounting MBA MBA
Master's in Business Administration MBA

MA - Master of Arts MS - Master of Science MS Ed - Master of Science in Education MBA - Master of Business Administration MFA - Master of Fine Arts MPA - Master of Public Administration

PhD- Doctorate of Philosophy PsyD- Doctorate of Psychology

CAS- Certificate of Advanced Study

* Corning Community College degree completion program

** CITE / New York City Low Residency Program

Prepare for the Future

Alfred University has over 50 student led organizations with six leading chapter representing the College of Business. You can participate and take on a leadership role from day one. We give you access to exceptional coaching, tools, and knowledge to develop a successful career.

Competitive Edge

Alfred University's College of Business curriculum is designed to prepare you for a business world that is dynamic, fast-paced, complex, and global. Our size will give you the opportunity to lead and gain invaluable experience through internships and to connect with our alumni.

Global Perspective

In a world where business spans national boundaries, leaders who understand global industries and cultures achieve the greatest gains. Our College of Business prepares you to succeed with international business courses and unique, faculty-led study abroad programs.

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Mission Statement

The College of Business advances Alfred University's mission and goals in providing intellectual leadership through teaching, research...


Business Executive Advisory Council

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Business Executive Advisory Committee

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