Welcome to Alfred University’s world-renowned School of Art & Design, a maker culture that produces award-winning artists and designers who succeed in a multitude of materials. We are housed within Alfred University’s New York State College of Ceramics, a unique public/private partnership for more than 100 years. In our studios, ideas come alive and inventions happen daily. With Fine Arts programs ranked in the top tier of MFA programs in the country, our School of Art & Design provides gifted students with an unmatched educational experience. Here, our students create without constraints on a daily basis in a supportive, multi-disciplinary environment that encourages creativity, research and travel. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of not being required to declare a major but have the option to focus on a single area. Let’s make art. Alfred University.

School of Art & Design

Gifted students experience an unmatched educational experience with a curriculum that provides a true multi-disciplinary environment for creative and scholarly research in art. The creative energy of the School of Art and Design is centered on the vigorous ambitions of its students and the commitment of its faculty. Our faculty members are dedicated teachers who focus on your individual development. They are also renowned artists and scholars who actively exhibit and publish their work.

Unparalleled Opportunities


In addition to our other top-ranking concentrations, our Ceramic Art program is ranked #1 in the country.


You can easily obtain your Master's in Business Administration (MBA) in one additional year through our 4+1 MBA program.


You will have access to over 126,000 square feet of studio and classroom space.

You are encouraged to explore various media and take an interdisciplinary approach to your work. You will also have access to classes taught in any of our other colleges and schools on campus. You can minor in dance, arts management, art education, equestrian studies, or any one of our 50+ minors.

Program Major Minor Degree Additional Info
Art Available Unavailable BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Art - Ceramic Art Unavailable Unavailable BFA Area of Study
Art - Drawing, Painting & Photography Unavailable Unavailable BFA Area of Study
Art - Expanded Media Unavailable Unavailable BFA Area of Study
Art - Sculpture/Dimensional Studies Unavailable Unavailable BFA Area of Study
Art History & Theory Available Available BS Bachelor of Science

BA - Bachelor of Arts BS - Bachelor of Science BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts

* Corning Community College degree completion program

Our MFA programs are top ranked and internationally acclaimed.

Program Masters Doctorate Certificate Additional Info
Ceramic Art MFA Unavailable Unavailable
Electronic Integrated Arts MFA Unavailable Unavailable
Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting MFA Unavailable Unavailable
Sculpture-Dimensional Studies MFA Unavailable Unavailable

MA - Master of Arts MS - Master of Science MS Ed - Master of Science in Education MBA - Master of Business Administration MFA - Master of Fine Arts MPA - Master of Public Administration

PhD- Doctorate of Philosophy PsyD- Doctorate of Psychology

CAS- Certificate of Advanced Study

* Corning Community College degree completion program

** CITE / New York City Low Residency Program

Student working with hot glass

1st in the Country

US News and World Report ranked Alfred University's Fine Art programs in the top tier of MFA programs in the country. We are ranked #1 in Ceramic Arts; 3rd in Glass; and 9th for our MFA overall according to their Best Grad Schools rankings.

NYS School of Clay-Working and Ceramics from our archives


Alfred University's School of Art and Design has an uncommon and celebrated history of engaging in the interface of art, science, and technology. The New York State College of Ceramics dates its origins back to the 1900s when the NYS School of Clay-Working and Ceramics was established by an act of the legislature.

Available Areas of Study

Art - Ceramic Art

A top-ranking ceramics program seated in the fine arts.

Art - Drawing, Painting & Photography

Explore your love of the visual arts in the Drawing, Painting, and Photography program.

Art - Expanded Media

A study in the fine arts that transcends the traditional.

Art - Sculpture/Dimensional Studies

Enter a dynamic curriculum regardless of media in the Sculpture/Dimensional Studies program.

School of Art & Design Summer Workshops

The School of Art & Design offers a mix of glass, expanded media and ceramic art workshops.

Art & Design Student Stories

Jason Dearing

*Props* to you, Jason! (Sculpture/Dimensional Studies, Performance Design Tech)

"Combining my interests in fine art and theater, I seek to blur the line that has long separated the two areas by employing my traditional art skills and knowledge into my theatrical design work."

Jason Dearing, 2016
Find out more about Jason

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