Guide to Residence Hall Living


Alfred University offers students several distinct living styles and communities:

  • First Year comprised of only First Year students.
  • Mixed class comprised of all class years; First Year, Sophomore, Junior and Senior.
  • Upper class comprised of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

Four traditional corridor-style halls are co-ed by floor (a floor of men and a floor of women) and have open visitation. Four traditional corridor-style halls are co-ed by door (with gender-specific bathrooms on each floor). The availability of single rooms and suites for incoming first year students is very limited. If you have a need for a single room, follow the instructions on the Housing Questionnaire and provide a letter of explanation and medical documentation that thoroughly outlines the medical need. New First Year students are encouraged to consider our First year halls in order to take part in in-hall programs directed towards new students. Please note there is a three-year residency requirement for all students and First Year students are required to be on a University dining plan.

  • Ann’s House (Juniors and Seniors only). Ann’s House is our newest LEED-certified environmentally friendly residence hall which offers a unique living arrangement. The hallways are corridor-style and co-ed by door. Each space houses two single rooms with a shared bathroom and small hallway. There are spacious lounge areas, a full kitchen and laundry room located on the ground floor. Ann’s House is located on the South side of campus, overlooking Alfred University and the town of Alfred.
  • Barresi (First Year community). Located closest to Ade Dining Hall and the Athletic facilities, Barresi offers two floors of men and one floor of women. Barresi offers an environment that allows students to form friendships that will last the span of a student’s stay at Alfred University.
  • Bartlett (Upper class community). Bartlett predominately consists of single occupancy rooms, and is co-ed by door. A large fireplace lounge area is ideal for informal chats, a game of billiards, and movie nights. Bartlett also has newly remodeled bathrooms and has a common kitchen area. The Office of Residence Life is located on the ground floor of Bartlett Hall.
  • Brick (Upper class community). The Brick is the oldest residence hall on campus. Larger rooms and wide hallways are unique to the design of Brick Hall. The architecture of the building includes high ceilings, newly renovated bathrooms, beautiful wood flooring throughout the building, and exposed wood beams. The Brick also includes a common kitchen area.
  • Cannon (Mixed class community, Extended Quiet Study). Cannon offers two floors of men and one floor of women. Students have a short walk to Ade Dining Hall, the academic buildings, as well as McLane Athletic Center.
  • Ford Street Apartments (Juniors and Seniors only), located on the south side of campus are two or three bedroom units, which house four or six students. Athena, Pegasus, and Thor are the two bedroom apartments. Bacchus, Medusa, and Mercury are the three bedroom units. Each apartment is furnished and includes a living room area, bathroom, and full kitchen. Students have access to laundry facilities located in the Judson Leadership Center.
  • Joel's House (Upper class Community). Joel’s House has a log cabin feel overlooking the town of Alfred and Alfred University. Located on the top of Pine Hill, Joel’s House offers a quiet environment and is located next to walking trails, bike trails, and our on-campus observatory. Joel’s House also includes an on-site compost bin and a sugar shack for maple syrup! The corridor-style, co-ed layout consists of two floors, mixed with single and double occupancy rooms. Both floors have a large lounge area for group meetings, study sessions, or hangout time with access to a large patio. There is a full kitchen located on the main floor with a laundry room available to Joel’s House residents.
  • Kruson (Mixed class community). Kruson is a traditional corridor-style building located on the South side of campus next to Brick Hall, across from Herrick Memorial Library, and a short walk from the Powell Campus Center. Kruson includes two lounges and a full kitchen.
  • Connors (Mixed class community). Connors, located on the South end of campus, is our largest residence hall, housing 150 students (two floors of women, one floor of men). Connors is adjacent to the Ford Street Apartments and is conveniently located near Herrick Library and the Powell Campus Center.
  • Pine Hill Suites (Mixed class community). Areas include Lower Pine Hill (Davis, Kenyon, Shults), Middle Pine Hill (Crawford and Tredennick), and Upper Pine Hill (Norwood and Phillips). There are ten suites per building and each suite houses up to six students and has three bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchenette area and a living room. Each building has a laundry and lounge facility at the lower level.
  • Moskowitz (Mixed class community). Moskowitz is home to Alfred University’s Unity House, which celebrates diversity and inclusion. Renovated in 2018, Moskowitz includes gender neutral bathrooms, private showers, and moveable furniture. A glass connector constructed during the summer of 2019 connects Moskowitz with Tefft Hall building a stronger community and allowing for more programming space. Moskowitz also offers a view of the campus and is close to the Science Center, Ade Dining Hall, and the Athletic facilities.
  • Special Interest Housing (Upper class community). For students who meet the specific requirements for the living area, there are three academic houses that are sponsored by their corresponding academic program. They include:
    • Environmental Studies House
    • Hillel House for our Jewish community
    • Honors House
    • International House for our 21 and older International community
    • Modern Language House
    • Unity House (Mixed class community) where cultural expression and self-expression are encouraged
  • Tefft (Mixed Class community). Recently renovated during the summer of 2019, Tefft Hall includes gender neutral bathrooms, private showers, a common kitchen, and new dressers and closets that allow for students to customize the room layout. Tefft also features a glass connector with Moskowitz Hall allowing for more interaction and programming space. New to Tefft in 2019 is the Leadership Experience at Tefft for students who seek to build confidence and leadership skills with like-minded individuals. Tefft Hall is also located near Ade Dining Hall, the Science Center, and the Athletic Facilities.

Room Description

Student rooms vary in size and shape. Each room, however, is furnished, per student, with one single bed/mattress (extra-long twin, 36x80”), one desk/chair, one dresser, one closet, and window blinds. Students are requested to provide their own linens. As well, students might want to think about bringing an area rug, a stand-alone bookcase, and a desk lamp. Television cable, internet and laundry expenses are included in the room rate.

In the suite and apartment areas the University provides one couch, two living room chairs, two end tables, one dining table and four chairs. Students are requested to provide their own pots, pans, utensils, and small cooking appliances that draw 800 watts or less. Toaster ovens are not permitted.

Room Assignments

Alfred University is proud to also offer RoomSync as our preferred roommate matching software to help students in finding their roommate, as well as Alfred Residence by Symplicity for Housing and Dining applications. Once a student has deposited and has set up their email account, an email with directions regarding housing applications and roommate matching, a link to RoomSync, and a roommate passcode will be sent. Once students have found roommates using RoomSync, they must share their roommate passcodes and create a roommate group when applying for housing through Symplicity. Matches made on RoomSync alone are not guaranteed to be honored. Assignments are made on a rolling basis beginning the end of June. Housing and dining preferences are also requested through Symplicity. Notification of room assignment and roommate contact information will be sent via your email account. Current students have first choice of space in the residence halls according to class status. Hence, current students generally fill singles, Ann’s and Joel’s Houses, Bartlett, and the Ford Street Apartments. Incoming upper class students may request such accommodations but should include other choices.

Student Life

Recreation and activities make up an important part of the Alfred University experience. The Office of Residence Life (ORL) staff attempts to meet your desires by offering a variety of special programs. Ice cream socials and pizza parties, road trips, and simple walks in the area woods are organized to promote community development and personal growth. In addition, workshops on such topics as study skills, human sexuality, stress management, wellness, diversity, and career options are often promoted to enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom. A special asset to living in the residence halls is the friendships that are formed by informal gatherings while watching your favorite series or listening to your favorite music. Alfred University promotes the total growth of the student. We believe that the right balance of activities makes for a well-balanced individual.

Activities and events are designed to build community and help all students develop a solid connection to Alfred University. This is achieved by offering students social and educational programs that allow for informal contact with faculty, staff, and fellow students, teaching students about campus resources and involvement opportunities, and through programs, addressing different issues that are applicable to college students’ development. Such program topics have included: homesickness, roommate issues, time management, study skills, personal finance, campus involvement, wellness topics, service learning, goal setting, alcohol education and relationship issues.

Residence Hall Staff

Resident Directors (RD) and Resident Assistants (RA) serve as resources and facilitators for the students. An RD promotes community growth supervises each residence hall/area. Resident Directors (RD) are graduate students attending Alfred University. All RDs are supervised by a professional staff member from the Office of Residence Life. In addition, a Resident Assistant (RA) is available in each living area or section. The RA is a current Alfred University sophomore/ junior/senior student who assists the Resident Director in fostering an atmosphere of individual and community growth. The RA is available to assist students with questions and problems and to help them become acclimated to their new environment.

Office of Residence Life

Any questions concerning residence hall living should be directed to the Office of Residence Life (ORL), located on the main floor of Bartlett Hall. The office is open weekdays 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The office phone number is 607-871-2186 and can also be reached by email.