With 24 majors and 35 minors, Alfred University’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences not only offers a wide selection of academic choices, but considerable flexibility. You will conduct lab experiments and read the classics. You’ll learn a foreign language and enhance your communication skills. You will write short stories and solve math problems. You will learn to navigate cultural similarities and differences. You’ll be immersed in a wide range of academic disciplines within the humanities, natural and social sciences. You can take the learning outside of the classroom through hands-on research, internships and study-abroad. You’ll be part of an incredibly close-knit, diverse community. You will really get to know your professors. And you’ll be more than prepared for your first job. Step inside your uncomfort zone. Alfred University.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is the largest of all our colleges and schools. As the starting line for over 25 majors, it's filled with opportunities that can prepare you for the ever-changing world ahead.

Program Major Minor Degree Additional Info
Academic Exploration Unavailable Unavailable
Africana Studies Unavailable Available
Astronomy Unavailable Available
Astrophysics Available Available BS
Biology (BA) Available Available BA
Biochemistry Available Unavailable BS
Biology (BS) Available Available BS
Biopsychology Unavailable Available
Chemistry (BA) Available Available BA
Chemistry (BS) Available Available BS
Coaching Unavailable Available
Communication Studies Available Available BA
Computer Science Available Available BA
Criminal Justice Studies Available Available BA
Data Science Unavailable Available
Education - Art Unavailable Available
Education - Early Childhood/Childhood Available Unavailable BS
Education - Middle Childhood/Adolescent Unavailable Available
English Available Available BA
Environmental Studies Available Available BA
Equestrian Studies Unavailable Available
Exercise Science Unavailable Available
Film Studies Unavailable Available
Foreign Language & Culture Studies Available Unavailable BA
French Unavailable Available
Geology Available Available BA
Gerontology Available Available BA
Global Studies Available Available BA
Health Fitness Management Available Unavailable BS
History Available Available BA
Individually Structured Major Available Unavailable BA
Interdepartmental Major Available Unavailable BA
Life & Physical Sciences Available Unavailable BA
Literature Unavailable Available
Mathematics (BA) Available Available BA
Mathematics (BS) Available Available BS
Mathematics with a Concentration in Actuarial Science Available Unavailable BS
Philosophy Available Available BA
Physics (BA) Available Available BA
Physics (BS) Available Available BS
Planetary Science Unavailable Available
Political Science Available Available BA
Pre-Art Therapy Advising Unavailable Unavailable
Pre-Health Unavailable Unavailable
Pre-Law Advising Unavailable Unavailable
Psychology Available Available BA
Public Law Unavailable Available
Religious Studies Unavailable Available
Science Policy Unavailable Available
Social Justice Studies Unavailable Available
Sociology Available Available BA
Spanish Available Available BA
Women's and Gender Studies Unavailable Available
Writing Unavailable Available

BA - Bachelor of Arts BS - Bachelor of Science BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts

* Corning Community College degree completion program

Program Masters Doctorate Certificate Additional Info

MA - Master of Arts MS - Master of Science MS Ed - Master of Science in Education MBA - Master of Business Administration MFA - Master of Fine Arts MPA - Master of Public Administration

PhD- Doctorate of Philosophy PsyD- Doctorate of Psychology

CAS- Certificate of Advanced Study

* Corning Community College degree completion program

** CITE / New York City Low Residency Program

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